Cumin health benefits
Cumin Health Benefits

8 Cumin Health Benefits, and Nutritional Contents

There are still many people who do not know the health benefits of various spices and herbs. The efficacy of ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon may already be well known. Then, do you know about the Cumin Health Benefits?

Cumin is a kind of flowering plant and the growth of this plant is not very high. Cumin belongs to the genus Apiaceae and Cumin family. Cumin has the scientific name of Cuminum cyminum. Cumin also contains a variety of essential oils and has a very distinctive smell.

Nutritional content of cumin

The distinctive aroma produced by cumin makes it very suitable to be included in dishes that require strong aroma and flavor. Besides helping to strengthen the aroma, the content of nutrients in cumin is also quite diverse.

Cumin stored content of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and a number of minerals such as copper, Mangaan, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus.

In addition, in the cumin also found the content of polyphenols and thymol are quite high. However, it is the chemical compounds of safranal and cuminaldehyde.

Safranal is a typical compound that has a fairly strong anti-toxin, and also becomes the main weapon of the saffron’s ability of one of the most expensive herbs from the Mediterranean. While cuminaldehyde is a peculiar compound of cumin that works on the central and peripheral nervous system.

Cumin does not only serve as a flavoring of food. This small-shaped spice turns out very good for digestion, thus helping to lose weight. Here are the Cumin Health Benefits.

Cumin Health Benefits

Helps digestion

There are many good kitchen spices for digestion, including cumin. Cumin is able to stimulate the liver to excrete more bile fluids, making the body easier to digest proteins and fats.

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Kills cancer cells

Cumin is known as a natural remedy that contains quite a lot of fatty acids in it. Because of this, cumin is said to be able to kill harmful cancer cells in the body. The study also mentions that cumin benefits have the ability to stimulate the productivity and immunity of bone marrow cells, produce interferon, fight tumor/cancer cells and protect normal cells so that the body is always healthy.

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Increasing the amount of breast milk

When you are breastfeeding and breast milk is just a little, the easy way to increase the amount of breast milk is to consume cumin. Given that there are certain elements in cumin such as the structure of lipid and arginine hormones, it is no wonder that the benefits of cumin can help women increase the amount of breast milk after childbirth.

Helps to lose weight

Want to slim and healthy? Cumin can be an effective alternative solution to help lose weight. Cumin contains quite a lot of fiber that is 10.6 grams or about 26% of total fiber needs every day. Its contents can be utilized in helping to launch the digestive system and the body’s metabolic system. So the fat and dirt that is in the body does not accumulate and makes us fat.

Contains iron

Cumin health benefits for red blood cell production

For people with anemia, cumin is one way to overcome it. Iron in the cumin will help the production of red blood cells so that it returns to normal levels.

Controlling blood sugar

In a study mentioned that adding cumin to food can help diabetics control blood sugar.

Contains magnesium

The human body can produce some minerals, but cannot produce magnesium. In fact, magnesium is very good for cardiovascular health and controlling blood pressure. Cumin contains magnesium in significant quantities.

Treating asthma and bronchitis

Cumin contains caffeine (a stimulating agent) and contains many aromatic essential oils (disinfectants), this combination is an ideal anti-congestive for those who suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis.

Acts as an expectorant, which means loosening the accumulation of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract, and makes it easier to eliminate them from the system through sneezing or coughing and spitting. Eliminating as much mucus and phlegm as possible, the benefits of cumin can inhibit the formation of additional ingredients and help cure the initial conditions that lead to its formation in the first place.

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