Coronavirus Mutation
Coronavirus Mutation

Coronavirus Mutation: More Than 30 Types

Chinese scientists, Li Lanjuan have warned the ability of a new type Coronavirus mutation, SARS-CoV-2, which may have made a distinct impact on the Covid-19 disease around the world.

A new study conducted, scientists who first suggested lockdown of City Wuhan, China, the first place Corona \virus, SARS-CoV-2 detected, this show evidence of certain mutations of the virus Covid-19 cause.

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus mutations could reach up to 33 types

A study in China reported that Coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2 can mutate up to 33 genetic mutations. About 19 mutations are mutations that tend to be new and not found before.

The study was led by a prominent Chinese scientist, Li Lanjuan of Zhejiang University. Research was conducted by analyzing the strains of viruses isolated from 11 patients Covid-19-randomly selected from Hangzhou, in the east of Zhejiang province. Then, it tests how efficiently the virus can infect and kill cells.

A2a Coronavirus Mutation

Scientists in India have identified the type of mutation of the Coronavirus COVID-19, which is called rapidly spreading and being dominant worldwide. According to them, this virus has at least mutated into 10 different types, one of which is called more dangerous.

The type of mutation named A2A by these scientists was reported to be a successful kind of rapidly spreading in the middle of the human population. Scientists at the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) India Call this A2a so the more dominant type appears in the world.

This A2a Strain is called far more dangerous than the native viral type of China that they refer to as type O. A senior geneticist at NIBMG, Partha Majumder, said mutations A2a are more effective in infecting humans than other types of mutations.

What is the importance of studying Coronavirus mutations?

This finding is important because it can explain the difference in the number of deaths in different regions of the world. Coronavirus infections and mortality rates vary from country to country, and experts have actually tried to figure out the cause of such a discrepancy. Li Lanjuan also mentions that the mutation of Coronaviruses has tended to be ignored.

Genetic scientists have noticed that different regions have different dominant viral strains. Some researchers suspect that the differences in the number of deaths due to Covid-19 may be caused by mutations. However, they do not have direct evidence of this assumption.

Experts claim Coronaviruses Covid-19 are unlikely to be eradicated and can return annually like seasonal flu.

Professor Chris Whitty, a Chinese expert has predicted that the countries affected by the coronavirus Covid-19 will not return to normal until the vaccine is found.

Viral and medical researchers in China have said that the virus may not be lost as is the case with SARS. Because, viruses can infect carriers that they do not realize their symptoms and pass them on to others accidentally.

Moreover, many people infected with coronavirus Covid-19 with no symptoms or asymptomatic. Surely they are more dangerous in spreading the virus to others.

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More research on Coronavirus

Seeing the possibility of mutations, the researchers did not stay silent. Still at Zhejiang University, researchers conducted advanced research to determine the extent to which the mutation could occur.

The research, led by Hangping Yao resulted in 11 different genome differences from viruses collected since the first patient. They then see the level of ferocity of each type.

The results showed that the possibility of the Coronavirus mutation could cause the virus to become more deadly. They also find differences in the viral types of how this virus attacks its hosts.

The way viruses attack hosts is all sorts. There are some viruses that attack directly and some are attacking through an intermediary.

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