Kyolic garlic benefits
Kyolic Garlic Benefits

Kyolic Garlic Benefits

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Garlic products that already extracted as Kyolic has beneficial overcome diseases that can not ‘ overcome ‘ by black garlic. Kyolic is a food supplement produced by Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Co. In Japan. Kyolic made from organic garlic that already slices, then soaked for an average of 20 months in ethanol. The results of this withering and then made into powder and put in capsules. Kyolic manufacturers recommend consumption of 4 capsules per day.

This high potency formula supports the health of the cardiovascular system by assisting in the maintenance of healthy blood vessels, cholesterol levels and supports normal blood pressure in healthy people.

Garlic has traditionally been used for the relief of colds, flu and cough. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, Kyolic supports the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

A study of nutritional Research Journals (1987, 7:139-49) shows a liquid Kyolic garlic extract lowers cholesterol levels 12-31% at most of the test subjects within six months. More than 70% of people in garlic extract Kyolic lower cholesterol by more than 10%. Only 17% of those not taking it showed similar improvement.

A study in June 1994, (JAMA, June 1, 1994, 271 [21]: 1660-61) shows elderly who eat one-half to one garlic clove per day lowers the cholesterol levels of 9%. 7 of 8 studies show a dose of 600-900 mg of garlic powder decreases good cholesterol levels and triglycerides between 5% to 20%. Kyolic, a brand name for “old” Supplement garlic extract, showed the ability to reduce platelet aggregation (blood platelets tendency to stick together causing the lumps) by 30% compared with placebo.

Dr. Abdullah and his colleagues at the Akbar Clinic and research center in Panama City, Florida, found that, raw garlic and garlic called Kyolic extracts can increase the strength of natural killer cells of the immune system. The first line of defense against infectious disease and probably cancer. NK cells derived from the blood of people who consume garlic or taking garlic extract mixed with cancer cells and can destroy from 140 cancer cells, 160% more than kill cells from non-garlic consuming. Dr. Abdullah believes that the health benefits of garlic goes beyond treating infections and cancer, but can also affect the AIDS, in which immune function failed.

Kyolic Garlic Benefits.

  • Supports cardiovascular health,
  • Maintain the pressure and cholesterol blood levels normal in healthy people.
  • Supports a healthy immune response.

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