Colonoscopy Prep Diet
Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Effective Colonoscopy Prep Diet 1 Week Before Test

Effective Colonoscopy Prep Diet 1 Week Before test – Colonoscopy is an examination conducted to determine the occurrence of disorders or abnormalities of the colon and rectum that often cause symptoms of abdominal pain, blood in stools, chronic diarrhea, bowel movement disorders or depictions of Abnormal in the intestines on examination of X-rays and CT scans.

Colonoscopy or also known as the action of the intestinal binoculars, often done to see any indication of the cause of colon cancer. People aged 50 years and over have a higher risk of colon cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to perform colonoscopy every 10 years after entering the age to detect the possibility of colon cancer.

Preparation before conducting colonoscopy

Before doing a colonoscopy, there are some things that you must prepare first, ranging from food to avoid, Colonoscopy Prep Diet, to fasting. Therefore, it is important for you to follow the procedure that has been given to get maximum results.

Starting from buying various purposes before colonoscopy. A week before the examination is done, there are some items that you must buy, namely:

  • Laxatives are very useful to address symptoms that arise after colonoscopy performed. Usually, the doctor will prescribe this medication, but you can also watch it by purchasing reserves at a nearby pharmacy.
  • Wet tissues should be purchased in preparation before colonoscopy. This is because after the test is done, you will often go back and forth to the toilet and toilet paper is not very good if used often. In addition, wet tissues can also soften the skin that is irritated by the content of vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it.
  • Diaper cream aims to prevent skin irritation due to diarrhea and often wipe the anus.

Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Preparing the body the right way.

When meeting with the doctor first to discuss about colonoscopy, instruction to prepare the body before undergoing the test will be given. Your doctor will prohibit you from consuming solid food and instructs how much fluid you should drink, and when. This instruction must be obeyed to ensure the colon is clean, on the day of the procedure is executed. Otherwise, the camera cannot display your intestinal condition clearly, which results in the need to repeat the procedure on another day.

Preparation day before test.

  1. Consume only clear liquids and food. It is the only type of liquid or food that you can consume the day before the colonoscopy. Liquids are considered “clear” if you can read the paper through it.
  2. Do not consume solid foods or opaque liquids. Any liquid containing pulp or milk and almost all solid foods should be avoided.
  3. Drink at least 4 cups of clear liquid every meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner a day before each procedure should consist of at least 236-298 ml of clear fluid.
  4. Taking medication for test preparation. The doctor will give you the preparatory medication that must be drunk at 6:00 pm, the day before the test day. The preparation drug serves to cleanse the intestines on the next day.

    Sometimes doctors also prescribe a separate preparation drug, which means that half should be consumed at night and half during the test day. Follow the doctor’s instructions and instructions on drug preparation packaging. After taking the drug, the outer stool will look like a clear liquid that you have consumed, this is a sign of a preparatory medication is working.

Effective Colonoscopy Prep Diet 1 Week before test

5 days before colonoscopy.

There are several things that patients should do before they undergo colonoscopy procedure. The doctor usually advises you to consume certain foods and avoid other foods.

One day before colonoscopy.

There is no problem with the type of diet program that you are going through before colonoscopy, but you have to switch to a liquid diet all day before the procedure. Liquid diet is a potent diet 1 week before colonoscopy process.

One night before colonoscopy.

And at this time, the doctor will prescribe a powerful laxative to begin cleansing your intestines from the remnants of the waste. A laxative will be administered two times. First on the afternoon before the procedure, and the next 6 hours before colonoscopy.

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Two hours before colonoscopy.

Do not drink anything, even water though, two hours of colonoscopy. This step is important to prevent you from being sick after colonoscopy. People who drink right before colonoscopy risk pain, because the water they drink enters the lungs.

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