why do diets fail
why do diets fail

Psychological Reasons why do diets fail

A wide range of exercises, do a diverse diet, do not even have any health problem, but still it is hard to lose weight? Why do diets fail? Roughly what is it? There are psychological reasons why you do not lose weight despite regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Psychological Reasons why do diets fail

  • Being overweight is helpful.

Do you often blame the weight of all the problems that happen in life? For example, not have a girlfriend. You may often blame yourself a fat as the cause hasn’t had a boyfriend. This happens because you don’t want to blame yourself. Under conscious, you’ll keep looking for reasons why you haven’t had a boyfriend until recently. The reason that you find today is a problem with your weight. Thought of the subconscious like this, will make the body will not lose weight. But it could be a problem, why you haven’t had a boyfriend that because of other problems.

  • Weight loss is the reason for the presence of a sense of laziness.

The term ‘yes, later’ became a culture for the millennial generation.. This culture bring something up to delay’s behavior tomorrow, after tomorrow, next week to ultimately not carried out well. As well as losing weight. You may part to lose weight by putting together various plans. But in fact you will gain time until the end of weight loss did not materialize and keep your body fat. Overweight will become a reason for you not to do other activities. When in fact you are lazy in doing it because it feels not to have a proportionate body.

  • Be a way to seek the attention of others.

Maybe you’re already getting tired with your body that is large and heavy. But sometimes it could be your way to seek the attention of others. Because of the large body of ‘ usually ‘ could be a joke to others so that attention be focused on you. If the body fat could attract attention, why should be skinny? This kind of thinking that makes your weight difficult to go down.

  • Being an outlet of stress and excessive emotion.

Some people divert his mind when emotions and stress by way of eating. Because, feeling emotion and stress make you hungry. So you are consuming an excess of food when You’re in the diet.

  • Save your self esteem.

If you are not so confident, it will hinder you to lose weight. So to save your self-esteem in front of the crowd, you often use heredity as an excuse. Suppose you have a fat body. Because you feel it takes more time to lose weight with diet and exercise, so you choose to say that your weight problem is innate. This stimulates your body to be lazy to lose weight, because feeling that using the reason is enough to save your self esteem.

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Psychological Reasons why do diets fail

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