Common problems with skin
common problems with skin

10 common problems with skin

10 common problems with skin – Have healthy, clean and luminous facial skin is the dream of all women, even men. Acne often makes people not confident with their performance. They usually mean the red spots on the face as pimples, but not necessarily. There are a number of skin conditions that are similar to Acne but the reality is not. The following common problems with skin.

10 common problems with skin

  • Acne on the skin of the face.

This one facial skin problem is a problem that often occurs in everyone. Women or men with all skin types. A lot of things that can make the facial skin breakouts, in addition to hormonal factor and the food we eat. Keep clean the face becomes the primary thing to deal with acne problems. Dirt and dust that clings and is lazy to clean your face after activity being the main cause of acne. Don’t let your face greasy and make dirty dust stick there. The using of makeup or skin care products that are not appropriately can also stimulate the onset of acne problems.

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  • Rosacea.

Rosacea is a skin condition with red bumps that look like pimples on the cheeks. In addition, on the cheeks, rosacea is also usually appears in the middle of the face. This bump is often caused by foods containing histamine, caffeine, and alco**hol.

  • Perioral dermatitis.

Perioral dermatitis is a red bumps that often appear around the mouth. This skin condition occurs due to use of steroid topical drugs. However, sometimes it can also be caused due to the content of fluoride in the toothpaste you use.

  • Sebaceous hyperplasia.

This skin condition is usually not so redness but its quite disturbing appearance. Sebaceous hyperplasia often appears around the forehead, nose, and chin.

  • Folliculitis.

Not all purulent red bumps can be called acne. Could be, it is folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicles. Skin conditions such as this, usually appear when the weather is hot. Other than in the face, folliculitis can also appear on the thighs, buttocks, armpits, and neck.

  • Wrinkles.

This one issue is a problem that often occurs in everyone. Women or men with all skin types. Normally, wrinkles on the face arise because of the age factor. But nowadays many women under the age of 30 are skin is already dry and wrinkled. This occurs because of pollution and is once again using excessive makeup or use the wrong skin care.

  • Spots on the face.

One of the skin problems frequently encountered are blemishes, dark spots or black spots due to UV beams, air pollution, make up, or hormones. Most spots had become the scourge of the face is melasma. Often, black stain makes the women so less confident and usually they’ll overcome it only with cream or powder so that the black stain is obscured. Basically the spots are the same as other facial skin problems. Current lifestyle made easier spots occur.

  • Large pores.

Usually an enlarged pores on the young patient’s caused by an active oil glands. The other causes of enlarged pores are because the density of collagen decreases because of the age factor. So it’s a different cause, the way to overcome it is also different. So making the size of the pores become smaller and make blackheads diminish is not easy. The key is to overcome the oil glands to overcome all these problems.

  • Dull facial skin.

Dull skin problem is a problem of everyone. When the skin of the face did not use proper treatment even though the air pollution and excessive use of makeup, definitely makes dull skin. The process of skin regeneration that normal is 28 days, but sometimes it doesn’t happen to people who don’t do skin face treatment.

  • Pocked or acne scars.

These acne scars common due to repeated acne infections, somewhere and severe inflammation and handling that are late and wrong. We just need to relieve infections and controlling excess oil on the face (it’s like we break the chain causes the occurrence of acne) if any action performed we could inject on acne inflamed with anti-inflammatory or antibiotic ( If it is necessary). The choice is whether we will continue to use a cream containing mercury or other chemicals to look beautiful. Due to the effects of mercury has been known to many people, although they still use it to look beautiful in a while, but all the dangerous risk is forgotten.

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