Causes Of Heart Attack In Young Females
Causes of heart attack in young females

12 Symptoms and Causes of heart attack in young females (SCAD)

Heart disease is still one of the non-infectious causes of death that are scary. Sometimes we think that heart disease is only attacking the elderly, but this is not entirely true. Not infrequently heart disease found in young people age and can be fatal.

The problem, the symptoms are often not very clear so that heart disease is not found out. In fact, the diagnosis of heart disease in young people, especially women is very important for further treatment. Here are the causes of heart attack in young females.

Causes of heart attack in young females

One type of heart disease that is usually found on the woman’s young age was a Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD).

SCAD is a disorder that is caused by the tearing of the inner lining of the epicardial coronary artery found in the heart. These disorders are not caused by atherosclerosis plaques that clog blood vessels as well as trauma or other iatrogenic causes.

At SCAD, tearing off the walls of the blood vessels is called tunica intima lead to formation of hematoma/blood clots in the area. As a result, the flow of blood towards the heart is slowed down or blocked, causing heart attack, heart rhythm abnormalities or sudden death.

This circumstance can occur suddenly and are not as acute coronary syndrome, SCAD is not preventable. Although the cause of the SCAD up to now not known with certainty, some research suggests several possible causes for the occurrence of SCAD i.e.

  • Arteriopathy history,
  • Genetic factors, or
  • Hormone abnormalities.

Risk factors of SCAD.

Researchers found some similar characteristics in the patients diagnosed with SCAD. Some characteristics of these risk factors are very important. For example:


SCAD can strike men as well as women. However, these conditions are more found in women.

Ever gave birth to.

Some women who are diagnosed with SCAD have just completed the process of childbirth. SCAD is most often found in a few weeks after giving birth. It is increasingly adding to the risk of heart disease in young people.

History of abnormalities in blood vessel walls.

Some abnormalities in the blood vessels associated with SCAD. Such as fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) which caused the growth of abnormal cells on one of the walls of the arteries. This abnormal growth can cause artery walls to weaken and the occurrence of blockage, aneurysm or dissection. FMD can also cause the onset of hypertension, stroke, or a tear in the wall of blood vessels etc. Again, this disorder more commonly found in women.

Extreme sports.

People who have recently participated in extreme or intense sports have a higher risk for exposed to SCAD.

Emotional stress.

Someone who has just experienced the events or experiences that cause emotional stress have a higher risk for exposed to SCAD.

Irritation of the vein.

Some of the diseases that caused the problem so that the occurrence of inflammation of the blood vessels such as lupus or poliarteritis nodosa may increase the risk of SCAD. The problem, lupus more found in women, so the risk of SCAD is even higher in women.

The inherited connective tissue disease.

Genetic abnormalities that cause problems with the body’s connective tissue, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome are often found in people with SCAD.

Very high blood pressure.

Patients who have a very high blood pressure and uncontrolled are susceptible to SCAD.

The use of illegal drugs.

The use of coca**ine and other drugs can increase the risk of SCAD.

The symptoms of SCAD

SCAD symptoms are often similar to the symptoms of angina/heart attack, such as chest pain or chest that feels as heavy as repressed and extends to the arms, neck, jaw, back, or stomach. Complaints such as shortness breath, the body fell limp, sweaty and head feels dizziness can also be felt. Nausea, vomiting even to faintness can also be found in patients with SCAD.

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What checks should be done?

Figures for the incidence of the SCAD has not too high and not too known to cause many of the occurrence of misdiagnosis. Initial examination can be done by recording the rhythm of the heart or the ECG to see activity of your heart. Examination of troponin (one of the marker proteins in heart disease) can also be done.

Further examination may use the angiogram. In this examination, the doctor will inject the contrast (dyes were detected using x-rays) through the vein catheter. Then the doctor will take a picture of the blood vessels which filled the contrast to detect any abnormalities in the blood vessels.
Some other checks can be an alternative is intravascular ultrasound and CT Angiography may also be done to obtain a more detailed picture of the heart.

Treatment for patients with SCAD.

Treatment of heart disease in young people aims to restore blood flow to the heart that was previously blocked. In some cases, healing can occur by itself without the need of heavy medication or surgery. However, most cases require assistance such as with the installation of a balloon or stent or bypass surgery of the heart’s blood vessels.

After you have diagnosed with SCAD, some drugs that can be given to you by Your doctor may include aspirin, anticoagulants, drugs to control your blood pressure, medications to reduce chest pain, as well as drugs to lower cholesterol levels.

You should also keep your lifestyle and daily habits. Avoid the things that cause excessive emotional stress, do regular exercise, and keep food patterns and your weight. In addition to treating, this principle is also very important in order to prevent heart disease in young people.

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