Brain damage
Brain Damage

15 Brain Damage Causes and Symptoms

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The brain is a very important organ of the human body. The brain serves as the center of mind, and emotion as well as allowing humans to interpret and interact with the world around.

The brain is an organ that cannot get transplants, so it is important for people to take care of what is already have now.

In fact, there are often involuntary habits that can trigger brain damage.

Brain Damage Causes

Here are several things that can trigger brain work:

Mari**juana use

Some people choose to use mari**juana as their way to feel more relaxed, and free of pain. Unfortunately, mari**juana can also trigger memory corruption.

A study has found the effect of the mari**juana use on memory function. Studies have shown that brains exposed to mari**juana at a young age show some impact on their cognitive function later on.

Too often alone

Maybe some of us like to sovereign themselves as a loner. However, unfortunately, too often spending time alone can trigger a damaged brain. People who have friends, though slightly tend to be more productive, happier, and have lower Alzheimer’s risk.

It never hurts to start communication with your old friends. Sipping a cup of tea occasionally with friends and family turns out to be very beneficial for mental and brain. Follow the community and exercises or art classes to lure interactions with others.

Rarely talk

Human needs, as a social creature must be fulfilled. One is to talk. When talking, you change your mind and your feelings in language. And, almost simultaneously, your brain works to understand the thoughts and feelings of the person you’re talking to. As a result, the brain will be stronger and responsive to stimuli.

Too much consumption of junk food

No wrong with foods such as soft drinks or potato chips are called as junk food. Because, people who often consume junk food tend to have brain parts related to memory and learning that are smaller.
Conversely, healthy foods such as whole grains and green vegetables are able to maintain brain function and lower the risk of damage.

Lack of sleep

Many think that lack of sleep just makes the body weak. But in fact, less sleep habits can also affect the brain.

If you sleep enough, the relationship between the brain cells in moving the information becomes more optimal.

Enough sleep habits of about 7-8 hours can improve your memory. In addition, enough sleep is also beneficial to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and make the brain more creative.

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No breakfast.

Those who do not have breakfast will have low blood sugar levels. This will trigger the insufficiency of nutrients in the brain, whereas the brain needs enough nutrients to keep it working. Due to the lack of nutrient supply, especially glucose, the brain will eventually decline rapidly.


An overly exaggerated attitude can harden blood vessels in the brain that can eventually lower mental strength.


Brain damage causes
15 Brain Damage Causes and Symptoms 2

Everybody knows smo**king is not good for health and there are many side effects generated for organs if smo**king. Especially for brain organs, smo**king can cause the brain to shrink and trigger senility or Alzheimer’s disease. The nerve cells will shrink in the hippocampus and the frontal cortex that serves to keep the memory.

Brain Damage Symptoms

To beware of the health conditions of the brain organs, please be aware of the signs of brain damage below:

Difficulty concentration

Most of the signs of brain damage that rarely people realize are the weakening of concentrated power. Everyone must have experienced this kind of situation. Many of the reasons that make us lose concentration, such as hormone levels are low or damaged, the influence of certain drugs, ciga**rettes and unhealthy foods.

Frequent stress

Aside from feeling difficult to concentrate, brain damage can also involve someone being stressed. Stress is a natural thing that occurs when a person experiences excessive or high mind pressure. Even if this feeling of stress occurs in someone with a long period of time, it will have a major effect on brain performance.

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Unnatural Mindset

There may be some people who love to express opinions. But with the limitations of his thinking, the opinion does not belong to the topic of discussion. It is usually called a thought that is not connected with the delivery of opinions.

Weakening of memory

Prolonged stress will trigger an increase in glucocorticoid hormones, which can even weaken the memory of the brain. This problem can occur because the old nerve endings cannot communicate with the brain cells that are still new.

Doing something unsuitable orders

Running something does not match the order is the most dangerous symptom, occurring in someone with a brain disorder. One of the causes of people experiencing this problem is taking illegal drugs and drug addicts. As a result of the effect, the sufferer will prefer to conduct a behavior in the outer sense of human being.

Difficult to conclude something

The cause of people experiencing a disturbance when thinking can be influenced by genes, heredity, or unhealthy life habits. Of the many humans, not all have intelligent brains. In addition to that with a limited mindset causes the man itself will have difficulty in concluding something about the problem or opinion. This disorder occurs because the hormone production of cortisol has begun to decrease.

Frequent fails to focus

There may not be many of us who often have failures when focusing on an object. 

In medical terms of failing focus or Brain Fog is a situation that suddenly makes us feel confused, or suddenly forgets about the things done. Brain Fog is not a symptom of harmful diseases, but if this happens, it may be the cause of damage to the brain.

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