Best Stress Relief
Best Stress Relief

9 Best Stress Relief

Best Stress Relief – Every person must have experienced stress, whether it is mild or acute levels of stress. This mental disorder does not only impact psychic conditions.

Stress can also affect body weight, se**xual life, hair loss, and chronic diseases. Therefore do not ignore the stress you feel.

Immediately find out the causes and ways to eliminate stress that is most appropriate. If it is difficult to relieve stress, then it is important to immediately seek help on the professional.

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In the following, we will share how to relieve stress that is easy to practice. Do it every day to manage the stress that you experience due to activity pressure.

Best Stress Relief

Do the activities you like

Try to remember, what activities make you forget the time and are very pleased to do so. Do the things you love like fishing, reading a book, or whatever hobby you like to help you lower your stress levels.

Me Time

The next Best Stress Relief is Me Time.

Overcome stress by taking time for yourself. Try to forget for a moment of trouble and treat yourself by doing fun or me time. You can fill Me Time by doing fun things or hobbies that have been rarely done because of daily activities. You can fill your time by reading books, cooking, singing, walking and holiday, or simply going to a salon for treatment. Fun activities can be used to release stress and restore energy and enthusiasm.

Playing music

Well, this one is a medium of entertainment for a million people. Resting your mind and emotions by playing a musical instrument is one of the most entertaining activities. Play your favorite song with a playable musical instrument, undoubtedly the all unpleasant events will fade slowly.

Healthy Lifestyle

The next Best Stress Relief is healthy lifestyle.

Implementing a healthy living pattern, in fact, not only benefits the physical health, but also is good for mental health. You can overcome the stress by consuming healthy foods that can help calm your mind, energy, and improve your intake of nutrients in the body and brain.

There are many types of foods that relieve stress, such as berries, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. Eating healthy foods can also avoid disease attacks, so the body is healthier overall.

Keep Moving and exercising

Best Stress Relief - Moving And Exercises
9 Best Stress Relief 2

When you are stressed, do not lock yourself in a quiet place. Stay moving and a light workout, such as running, biking or walking. Doing stretching exercises like yoga can also reduce tension in the muscles, and while relieving stress. As you move or exercise, the body will produce chemicals that make you feel better.


Stress is a strain or a mental and emotional mess. Relaxation techniques are beneficial to reduce such mental and emotional tension.

Relaxation techniques that you can try include:

Breathe deep

Breathe your breath deep and then down the shoulder slowly exhale from your mouth. Repeat this technique 10-20 times.

Listen to music

Play songs with quiet tempo or your favorite songs. A study suggests that music can reduce stress and anxiety.

Massaging yourself

Do a light massage on the shoulders, neck, and fingers of your hands. This massage can reduce tension in the muscles of the body.


Sit cross-legged, close your eyes, and focus your mind on the things that make you relax (e.g. Mountains atmosphere with waterfalls, calm mornings, or your favorite tourist spots). Perform 5-10 minutes.

Drink warm tea

Tea, especially green tea, has thiamine. This useful amino acid reduces levels of cortisol (a stress-triggering hormone) in your body. In addition, tea can also lower blood pressure so that your body becomes more relaxed.

Watch Funny Videos

Visit and find funny videos (e.g. Funny movies or cuteness in football) that make you laugh.

When laughing, your body detaching the Endhorpin and melatonin hormones to suppress the hormone cortisol. In addition, the vibration that arises when you laugh as if massaging the whole body part of you.

Take a Hot Shower

Swedish researchers issued a publication in the International Journal of Stress Management on the response to depression, which revealed that hot water was able to create relaxation in the body and stretch out the muscles. In addition, warm water is also beneficial to tighten the skin and cleanse the skin pores of impurities.

If you have a bathtub, you can pour aromatherapy soaps with lavender or aloe Vera fragrances. Both aromas are proven to be a good way to get rid of stress.

Call or chat with friends

If you are stressed out of your mind, it would be nice if you don’t keep it yourself, share it (confide on your problem) with a friend you trust, so that the perceived burden can be slightly reduced.

Don’t be too prestige to call a friend and tell them about the problems that you are currently experiencing, so at least it can be a little help in overcoming your stress.

Good relations with friends and loved ones like family and lover are so important that you don’t feel yourself. With their presence you will feel like having a place to share your complaints together, having a good relationship is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and your mind.

Breathe Fresh Air

When stress begins to hit, be aware of it and breathe fresh air. Staying in monotonous situation and position will not be able to cope with stress, it will deteriorate the condition. For example, when you have a headache with work that is piled up, but you keep doing it forcefully to get it done quickly.

In fact, it will only make the results of the work not good. For that, go out the room and breathe fresh air even for a while. Because, fresh air can help to calm down so it can again think clearly.

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Thank you very much for reading The Best Stress Relief, hopefully useful.

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