Best home gym equipment
Best Home Gym Equipment

7 Best Home Gym Equipment

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Best Home Gym Equipment – Many of us are lazy to do sports activities if done outdoors. In addition to lazy motion, exercising outdoors also takes more time.

For that reason, the solution for those of you who want to stay healthy, but are too lazy motion and don’t have much time to do exercise at home. With this indoor workout, you can save more time and practice to do.

Well, what kind of exercise should you do in the house? Check out these mandatory recommendations below.

Best Home Gym Equipment


If you’re not so brave enough to lift weights, you can get around it by using dumbbell to train arm strength. The dumbbell is smaller and shorter than a barbell, it can only be used in one hand.

Dumbbell’s weight varies, ranging from 2-10 kg, depending on your ability.

Double Wheel Exerciser

Double wheel exerciser is one of the Best Home Gym Equipment.

Did you know that the abdominal muscles apparently serve to stabilize and protect the spine. In addition, the abdominal muscles are also the link between the upper body and the lower body. Therefore, it is very important for us to train the abdominal muscles.

Make no mistake, the benefits of exercising the abdominal muscles are not just to get a six pack look. There are many other benefits, among which are to avoid injury while doing daily activities such as lifting heavy goods.

One of the tools you can use to train your abdominal muscles is the Double Wheel Exerciser. By using this, you can not only train your abdominal muscles, but indirectly also train your back and arm muscles. The body becomes healthier, the appearance of the six pack that is secured can also be realized. Let’s practice your abdominal muscles.

Small resistance band

The resistance band is an exercise tool made of rubber and becomes one of the versatile exercise tools that we can buy.

With resistance bands, we can train all parts of the body just like when doing power sports using machines.

You can buy resistance band packs consisting of several levels of endurance. So, you can choose the lightest or heaviest depending on the exercise you’re doing.

Skipping rope

Best home gym equipment - skipping rope
7 Best Home Gym Equipment 2

Jumping rope is one of the best types of exercise for cardiovascular training. Jumping ropes can increase heart rate as well as train the arms, shoulders, legs, and core muscles.

The rope is also so small that it does not fill the room and can be carried around.

If you don’t have a room with high enough ceilings, you can do it outside or in a park near the house.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is one of the best fitness tools you can have at home. Not only used for yoga, this mattress can also be used to do other, such as push ups or sit-ups. The yoga mat will help your body become warm and the energy you generate from your body will be passed on to the mattress, not to the floor.

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The barbell is another home fitness tool that is quite affordable and takes up less place. Unlike dumbbells, barbells are specifically used for heavy lifting exercises. Barbel will work to shape and strengthen your body’s muscles. This tool can be your usual alternative to doing heavy lifting exercises so as not to lose muscle mass for months at home.

Fitness ball

Well, if you rarely do heavy exercise, fitness balls are one of the sports equipment that you can use at home.

This tool is commonly used for therapy, but it is also good for cardio exercises, strength, balance, posture, and body flexibility.

This fitness ball is not heavy and can be one of the sports equipment at home that can be used for all ages, even for pregnant women.

For those of you who rarely exercise, lightweight but easy-to-use tools like this are guaranteed to motivate you to move.

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