Physical activity
Physical Activity

Physical Activity Definition, 3 Types, and Factors | Physical Activity Definition, Types, and Factors – Busy work make you forget to maintain the health of the body? Whereas in a pandemic like today, you are required to maintain health in an effort to protect the body from exposure to the virus. You can maintain health by implementing a healthy lifestyle, such as providing the body with the necessary nutrients and regular physical activity. Speaking of physical activity, this is not only related to strenuous exercise that will take time.

Anything that makes your body actively move can be categorized as an example of physical activity. For example, doing homework, walking, etc. This activity can also be done anywhere, whether at home, in public places, in the gym, even in the office. In addition, there are many benefits that you can get from doing this activity. Well, to know more, check out the following explanation until the end!

Physical Activity Definition

Physical activity is any movement of the body that causes energy expenditure that helps maintain physical and mental health.

A good physique and mentality will improve the quality of life and maintain body fitness throughout the day.

The notion of physical activity is not always synonymous with a particular sport. Daily activities such as going up and down stairs and washing dishes are also classified as physical activities.

That way, physical activity can be done without restrictions in place and time. Waking up, then cleaning up a messy bed sheet also includes physical activity.

Physical Activity Types

Physical activity is divided into three types, namely light, moderate, and heavy, and here is an explanation:

Light physical activity

It is a slightly energized activity and usually does not cause changes in breathing rhythm. Physical activity that is relatively light is ironing, sweeping the floor, playing music, and others. The energy expended during light physical activity is less than 3.5 Kcal/min.

Moderate physical activity

It is an activity that requires more energy and continuous muscle movement. Physical activity that is classified as moderate include swimming, brisk walking, and cycling. The energy expended during moderate physical activity is about 5-7 Kcal /minute.

Strenuous physical activity

It is an activity that tends to be related to exercise and make the body sweat. For example, activities such as playing soccer, running, aerobic gymnastics, and others. The energy expended during strenuous physical activity is more than 7 Kcal/minute.

Physical Activity Factors

Factors that affect physical activity include:


Physical activity will increase to the maximum in adolescents to older persons or in the age range of 25-30 years old, above that age, the whole body will experience a decrease in functional capacity of approximately 0.8 to 1% per 7 years, but if diligent in exercising, then the decrease can be reduced by half.


By entering the puberty phase, the physical activity of teenage boys is usually about the same as teenage girls. However, after the puberty phase teenage boys usually have much greater value.


Food becomes one of the factors that affect physical activity, because if the number of servings of food is more, then the body will easily feel tired and the desire to do sports or other activities will decrease.

Fat contained in food also has a lot of influence on the condition of the body in carrying out daily activities or exercising. Therefore, we must consider the nutritional content of the food that we will consume, so that the body does not experience excess energy but cannot be released to the maximum.

Diseases / Disorders in the Body

Diseases or abnormalities in the body affect the capacity of the heart of the lungs, posture, obesity, hemoglobin / blood cells and muscle fibers, which will ultimately affect the activity to be done. For example, when a person lacks red blood cells, then the person is not allowed to do strenuous exercise.

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