Simple exercises for office workers
Simple exercises for office workers

Simple exercises for office workers

Simple exercises for office workers – The custom of daily business is often the reason a number of people didn’t get to exercise. Whereas, in order to do a simple exercise actually does not need to go to the fitness center or gymnasium. You can use the workspace, rooms or other narrow spaces do simple exercise motion.

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A simple exercise that actually only involves basic movements, such as the squat, lunge and push up. For example, when done in the office and in a narrow cubicle, there is some movement that could be called an exercise. Then, what is the movement like?

Simple exercises for office workers


The first movement is a squat. You can do this in the top office chair with sit-stand movement that is done repeatedly. Don’t forget to make sure the seats don’t move first so your exercise isn’t interrupted. Make sure the chair is stable. So if still move, lock it first. The basic movement calls it squats. It’s just a stand-sit and sit-stand up again,


The next movement is a combined squat and lunge. The lunge is a movement of lunges forward while the other leg positioned behind.

How doing this is to sit-stand-lunge. This simple movement is enough to train the muscles of the legs. Sit-stand, coupled with the lunge forward.

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Push up.

Simple exercises for office workers - push up
Push Up Is One Of Simple Exercises For Office Workers

Maybe you think that this movement requires a wider space and difficult to do in a narrow cubicle office. In fact, variations of push ups can be done by utilizing the office chair.

The ways is, stand and make the seat as the push up object. To make it more effective, keep in mind that push up does not only train the muscles of the hands or chest, but also the stomach.

Lift the legs.

The next movements were able to train the abdominal muscle strength more intensely.

How, sit on a chair as usual and lift both legs with a straight position.
If it is not able to carry it in a straight position, you could lift both feet in a bent position.

Don’t forget to moor legs and tighten the abdominal muscles while doing it repeatedly. Simple, the most important is the chair is stable. Foot lifted both of them. If you can’t, you can just bend it.

If the room used is a bit wider, you can also add burpees, plank or push up movement that done under or on the floor. The duration of the exercise can be customized with your free time. For example, 30 seconds each movement or could be more if your free time more. It can be repeated as you like. Let’s say 30 seconds per movement, after that breath 10 seconds, then replace the movement.

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