Baby born at 36 weeks
Baby Born at 36 Weeks

Is It Normal Baby Born at 36 Weeks?

Baby born at 36 weeks means that you have entered in the ninth month. In the maternal age, you will get nervous and worried because it is readily born. In this stage, it is better to always keep your pregnancy regularly once a week and check diligently with the doctor to ensure that there are no problems until the childbirth time is coming.

The Development of Baby Born at 36 Weeks

Most of the doctors usually will recommend that you need to check routinely every week when it starts 36th weeks. The doctors or health experts will check your urine to ensure that it doesn’t contain protein and blood pressure. Urine containing protein and blood pressure become an indication to the infants with preeclampsia disease. It is risky for the infant and mother.

When you enter 36 weeks pregnancy, you may start uncomfortable feeling. But, it is normal. When you have felt complaints, everything runs normally. What are the complaints? You will go often to the toilet. Your breasts will get leaked and issue liquid. When you walk, you will feel discomfortable. You will feel the pressure on the bottom belly because the infant position starts to move down. You will feel that your infant will be felt because the position of infant enables you to be premature. So, is it normal for baby born at 36 weeks?

Is It Safe for Baby Born at 36 Weeks?

It is not surprising that your baby will be born quickly since the predicted childbirth date of a doctor. But, don’t get worried because it is usually born quickly and save until the childbirth process runs completely. This is meant that premature childbirth is possibly conducted if it is the last choice to decide. The position of the baby in the fetus at 36 weeks will position his head in a hip area.

The movement of this position will cause the pressure in the bottom belly and enable you to feel uncomfortable when moving or walking. The baby will move down and this condition is called to be lightening and engagement. In other side, you can breathe easily, because the stomach and lungs can relieve pain. You will eat easily when the pregnancy age reaches 36 weeks.

There are some factors causing premature. The age of women influences premature childbirth. Teens are riskily bearing premature. Then, the distance of pregnancy influences the premature condition. If you have a history of premature childbirth, it has a huge risk level 30 to 50 percent higher than the next childbirth. Mother infection is related to a causing factor on premature childbirth. Those are some things about baby born at 36 weeks.

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