White vinegar health benefits
White Vinegar Health Benefits

6 White Vinegar Health Benefits

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White Vinegar Health Benefits – In addition to salt and sugar, one of the most widely used types of foodstuffs around the world is white vinegar or simply called vinegar. Fluid with this sour flavor can be used for various types of foods, especially for making pickles. The liquid that often used to preserve food also has a lot of benefits for the body.

The process of making vinegar

Vinegar usually used for cooking generally contains about 4-7% acetic acid. The remaining about 93-96% is the water used to dilute from the concentrate form. Some types of vinegar exist that up to contain 20% acetic acid. However, this type is widely used for farming and washing clothes.

To obtain pure acetic acid, some grain alco**hol materials are used. This type of alco**hol does not contain enough nutrients. Therefore, giving additional materials such as mushrooms or phosphorus is done to be the start of the fermentation process so that the acetic acid is obtained.

Before being produced in bulk and meeting the needs of the market, vinegar is made by fermenting the beet roots, potatoes, molasses, and whey milk. The most widely produced ingredient in that area is used to make vinegar.

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White Vinegar Health Benefits

A lot of things that women do today to be healthy and beautiful. One of them is the use of white vinegar, which has many health and beauty benefits. Brace yourself. Here are the White Vinegar Health Benefits

Lose weight

It’s the one that makes white vinegar fast becoming a prima for the past few years. The flavor of white vinegar that tends to be sour and rather tasteless can also lose weight gradually for those who consume it. 

Treating Type 2 Diabetes

Still related to the first point, type 2 diabetes is a distinctive specter for anyone who experiences it, including women. How not, this diabetes is not just attacking glucose, but also insulin or an internal system that regulates immunity.

Miraculously, white vinegar has been shown to cure type 2 diabetes. One of the evidence is from a trial done by Mahmoodi et al. (2012) in his journal, 

Make the calcium absorption process faster

The next benefit to be known from the use of white vinegar is to make the process of absorption of calcium faster. The body needs calcium to make your bones stay strong. Calcium will avoid the possibility of osteoporosis. It does not hurt if you add a little white vinegar to the food to be consumed. So, you will be awake from various bone diseases such as osteoporosis in old age later.

Many people do not know that white vinegar becomes one of the ingredients containing calcium in it. Even white vinegar is also rarely consumed because it smells very pungent and sour taste.

Lowering cholesterol

White vinegar health benefits to lowering cholesterol

From tests conducted on animals, taking vinegar with certain concentrations can lower cholesterol. Bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream will decrease. Until now, no one knows what the correlation between vinegar and cholesterol decreases. More research is needed for human use can be maximized.

Has antimicrobial components

Vinegar that has a high acid concentration can be used to address skin problems such as the presence of bacteria, fungi, or the like. Warts that appear on the body can also be smeared by vinegar to make it loose with high acidic effect. Applying to an infection-prone area also avoids the entry of other harmful microbes.

Overcoming Cough or Colds

Although currently there are many alternative healing for cough and cold, people still choose chemical or concoctions drugs.

With white vinegar. In addition to its usefulness that can be felt quickly, white vinegar is also very flexible to treat coughs or colds. The trick is to mix with warm water, a tablespoon of honey, and a few teaspoons of lemon juice, then drink it.

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