Workouts for the busy woman
workouts for the busy woman

Practical workouts for the busy woman

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Practical workouts for the busy woman – Most women in the modern age, not just busy taking care of the household. But it’s also busy undergoing a job as women’s careers. No wonder, if most women are often not had time to do exercises. In fact, the event is very important to do in order to stay healthy and fit. However, for those of you busy women who want to start trying to do exercises, these are a practical workouts for the busy woman that can be done to start the day in a positive and overall impact in life ranging from fitness, keeping the body shape up to being mentally strong.

Here are some tips for reference the women find strength, and builds stamina are comfortably at home.

Practical workouts for the busy woman

Use the sofa or bench for elevated push-ups.

Elevated push-up helps to build strength in your chest, arms, as well as in the core of the body. Interesting things from this exercise is that we can adjust the height of the sofa or bench that we use, depending on one’s level of fitness. The higher the sofa or bench used, can prevent pain from back and chest will be tighter.

Tricepdip with the height of the seat.

This exercise helps strengthen the triceps. Use a chair or bench used to sit, and then rotate the elbow to the back of approximately 90 degrees, put the hand resting on the two sides of the chair or bench. Pull the breath to lose the position of the body, and exhale to raise the body. Press both hands to the chair to keep it elevated.

The Squat.

Squats help to tighten the muscles of the thigh. Grab a standing position and then widening walk out slowly. The knees should follow the line of the leg each time doing squats. Put your hands on the chest, then breathe for drops down like sitting in the chair, bend the knee about 90 degrees, and exhale to raise the body, stand.

Yoga Positions: Cat-Cow.

Now you can do yoga while waking up in the morning by doing a cat-cow yoga position. How to do it? Move your spine with stretching the hips, chest, and shoulders. Stretch your shoulders as wide as half a face-down position with the knees and the body resting on the knee, place the shoulder above the wrist, turn the triceps, bend elbows, little fingers press into the mattress. Push the hand and toe to the floor. Then pull and exhale comfortably.

Yoga position: The puppy pose.

Other yoga positions that you can try is puppy pose. This position is useful to stretch the spine, chest and shoulders. With a face-down position, raise your hips up and both knees resting on the mattress, stretch your knees as wide as your hips, move your hand toward the top of the mattress, press gently into the fingers, move your triceps to the outside. Rest your head on top of the mattress in a more comfortable position, and then inhale and exhale. Place a block or pillow under your forehead if you want to be more convenient.

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