What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?
What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

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What to eat after wisdom teeth removal? The wisdom teeth begin to grow in the most people aged between 17 and 24 years old. However, in some people, wisdom teeth do not grow towards the gums, causing pain, swelling, and the ulcer on the gums. Teeth don’t come out because it is hindered by the bone or other dental (dental impaction) can also be pushing the surrounding teeth or cause injury to the jaw. If wisdom teeth do not come out of the gums, you should undergo surgery. With a little preparation and proper care, you will recover quickly once the wisdom teeth removal.

In the world of medicine, action for wisdom teeth removal is called the odontectomy. Long time healing after wisdom teeth removal around 1 week or even more. This recovery is heavily dependent on compliance with the patients against the advice that has been given by the physician, including in terms of food.

Odontectomy generally done when the wisdom teeth grow abnormally. These teeth usually grow only partly with sloping teeth, or even do not grow at all but embedded in the bone.

After wisdom teeth removal can be a painful experience for the patient. Follow the entire instructions given by doctors can minimize the risk of complications that can occur. As well as help reduce the pain and swelling that will arise later.

The pain after wisdom teeth removal makes you can’t consume some foods for recovery.

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal? There are several types of foods that can be eaten after wisdom teeth removal, as mentioned in the following explanation.

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Soup and broth is a good food to eat after wisdom teeth removal.
Someone who recently recovered from wisdom teeth removal have to consume liquids and soft foods. Some of which include:

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal - jelly
  • Milkshake.
  • Mashed seedless fruit.
  • Smoothie.
  • Soup.
  • The broth.
  • Apple sauce.
  • Avocado.
  • Ice cream.
  • The jelly.
  • Mashed banana frozen is an alternative to ice cream.
  • Mashed beans, such as red beans, black beans, or peanut butter.
  • Sweet or ordinary mashed potatoes.
  • Porridge or vegetable porridge, such as carrots, parsnip, or broccoli.
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Soft cheese.
  • Yogurt.


Milkshakes are easily made at home by adding a fruit without seeds into the milk. The fruit will add the necessary vitamins and minerals to the diet. This is very important in the early stages of recovery.


The cream is soft, sweet and comes in different variants as well as packed with probiotics such as yogurt is safe foods you can consume after wisdom teeth removal.

Coupled with the probiotic content in yogurt could be a sweet and natural antibiotic and can help keep your teeth health.

Soup and broth.

Food in the form of soup in their treatment is recommended as it will lighten performance of mouth to chew.


If you don’t like porridge, you can try the coarse-textured rice team. Or mashed potato.

Liquid food.

Consume liquid foods like soups after wisdom teeth removal. These types of foods make you do not need to do chewing and no food that will fit into the cavity of the former revocation.

In addition to the soup, you can also make foods like smoothies with fruit or vegetable mix in order to deliver nutrients to the body. Things to remember, avoid using straws when drinking it because suck using a straw can destroy blood clots and make blood coming out of the extraction area increase.

Soft foods.

The day after wisdom teeth removal, you can raise the texture of the food became more dense but still soft. For example, pulp, mashed potato, cereal, or oatmeal. The food could also be a source of energy for you. We recommend that you avoid eating it while it is still hot, wait until warm.

Chew solid foods can help loosen the muscles of mastication. For consuming these foods, you can chew on one side only for a few days. After the pain is reduced, you can increase the texture again as usual. But if the pain returns, it could return to the soft food.

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