Wisdom teeth growing in
Wisdom Teeth Growing In

Wisdom Teeth Growing In and the Symptoms You Should Look Out for

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that mostly grow during adulthood. There are some advantages and disadvantages about wisdom teeth growing in. When they grow in the right position, these new teeth can assist in chewing and even be a great support for dental bridges. However, when the teeth are impacted, it can be very unpleasant. This is why you must be able to notice the symptoms of wisdom teeth coming in. Even though most of the times you will not feel anything when the teeth grow, these following symptoms often occur when the wisdom teeth erupt.

Pain or Swelling

The most noticeable symptoms of wisdom teeth growing in is pain. Since the teeth are basically trying to erupt out of your gum, mild pain and throbbing sensation are to be expected. It is actually pretty normal and as long as the pain doesn’t disturb your activity, you can wait a few days before going to the dentist. It is important for you to know that the wisdom teeth will not erupt fully in a short amount of time. After a few weeks, it will stop and so does the pain. But in the next three or four months, the teeth will continue growing again.

If the pain is severe or you notice that the teeth don’t grow in the right direction, go see your dentist immediately. It might be accompanied with swelling and even headache. It is a sign that the teeth are impacted and the condition might go worse without immediate treatment.

Front Teeth Pushed Out of Alignment

Wisdom teeth growing in will take up space and it might push the other teeth out of alignment. Sometimes it can be very noticeable and you can easily see that the positions of your front teeth are starting to get crooked. You have to get the wisdom teeth extracted so the position of the other teeth will not be affected.


When the wisdom teeth erupt fully and in the right position, you might not notice any symptoms. The problem happens when the teeth only erupt partially. It is a great place for bacteria to grow, and when the bacteria buildup meets food excess, infection will happen. The bad news is, due to the very tight space between the teeth, flossing and regular tooth brushing will not be helpful to get rid of the bacteria.

This is why when you find out that the symptoms of wisdom teeth growing in, you should go to the dentist immediately. The dentist then will assess the condition of the teeth. If the growth position is not normal, the dentist might suggest extraction.

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