What do mosquitoes hate
What Do Mosquitoes Hate

What Do Mosquitoes Hate: 4 Components (Plants, Foods, Smell, and Colors)

Mosquitoes become one of the most hated insects by humans. Usually mosquitoes are mostly found in the summer. Besides being a source of deadly disease (Mosquito-borne Diseases), mosquitoes also very disturbing our sleep especially at night.

To repel mosquitoes, we usually use mosquito spray or maybe Mosquito repellent lotion that can be easily bought at the convenience store. But in addition to these two ways, you can also know What Do Mosquitoes Hate and how to repel mosquitoes naturally by using these plants below.

What Do Mosquitoes Hate: What plants do mosquitoes hate?


Lavender is one of the flowers that is not only beautiful, but also has a fragrant and soothing aroma. Although it is liked by humans, the aroma of lavender turns out to be deeply hated by mosquitoes and other insects. This is because the scent of lavender will make mosquitoes lose its ability in smelling our body aromas.

In addition to being planted on large grounds, lavender can also be planted in pots, dried, or even processed into lavender oil. You can apply lavender oil before bed, in addition to the potential to repel mosquitoes, lavender oil is also very good for maintaining skin health.


Catnip or Catmint is one of the mosquito repellent plants. According to research from Lowa State University in 2010, catnip is ten times more potent in banishing mosquitoes compared to diethyltoluamide or DEET.

This plant can grow anywhere, including the yard. You can process them into oil and apply them to the skin before bedtime. Besides being liked by humans, the scent of catnip is also liked by cats. So make sure you don’t keep the cat if you want to use this plant.

Citronella Geranium

Citronella Geranium is known as one of the plants with a strong aroma. The aroma is not without function, but it can repel mosquitoes away from your home. Citronella Geranium can be planted in the yard as a bush with a slightly dry soil and ample sunlight. Because this plant also does not like water, you can plant it in the pot and put it in the house when it rains or cold weather.

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What Do Mosquitoes Hate: Foods that will help you avoid mosquito bites

Before you use a spray to avoid mosquitoes, why not try to consume some foods that can help avoid mosquito bites?

Consuming garlic will make you avoid mosquitoes, due to the sulfur compounds that are excreted by the body after consuming garlic. The Sulfur will be excreted through the smell of breath or through sweat.

In addition to garlic, consumption of certain foods, can make you more susceptible, or more protected from mosquitoes.

It is recommended to consume blueberries, apples, watermelon, cucumber, cabbage, and green peppers, which are relatively low in potassium. Instead, you consume potatoes, plums, raisins, spinach, bananas, and pumpkins, all of which are very high in potassium.

High potassium can increase the amount of lactic acid in the body. This lactic acid is what makes mosquitoes more interested in the scent of your body.

What Do Mosquitoes Hate The Smell Of?

What do mosquitoes hate the smell of
What Do Mosquitoes Hate: 4 Components (Plants, Foods, Smell, and Colors) 2

People who are often bitten by mosquitoes turned out to have a low level of component odor like fruits. While people who have high ketone levels in his body are hated by mosquitoes.

Researchers have found a key that distinguishes the body odor production of people who tend to be more frequently bitten by insects compared to people who are resistant to insect bites. The component is known as ketone, which can repel mosquitoes. People who produce ketone with high levels tend to be rarely bitten by mosquitoes.

The higher the concentration of ketone compounds, it will make mosquitoes think that the bad smell is not human. This can make mosquitoes hate to bite it. This compound has been tested on human skin to see how effective ketone is in repelling mosquitoes. And it turns out to be very effective against 3 types of mosquitoes including Culex mosquitoes.

What Do Mosquitoes Hate: What color do mosquitoes hate?


According to a New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station study at Rutgers University, USA, dark colors like black will attract mosquitoes.

Dark color will absorb carbon dioxide, especially if it is clothing. This color is liked by mosquitoes.

While white color is known to repel all insects, including mosquitoes, although not stop mosquito bites.

At least, when you wear white clothing, you can avoid the invasion of mosquitoes who want to bite.

You can apply it to your home paint. Bright colors make mosquitoes not visually interested.

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Light colors like Pastel colors

If dark colors like black and dark blue attract mosquitoes, it is different from with pastel colors and creams.

Such pastel colors will make mosquitoes go away. Mosquitoes hate colors like this.

This color is a light color, yes, not a bright color. You should be able to differentiate.

You can apply a light brown or brownish yellow color to the interior wall of the house.

Bluish green

Bluish green color is also known to repel mosquitoes, although some also say no.

This color option can be applied on the terrace or patio and also in the interior of the house. Well, it’s up to you.


Mosquitoes are attracted to the light blue and ultraviolet colors as well as dark colors and glowing colors.

While mild colors such as yellow or brownish yellow can prevent mosquitoes.

Yellow is the color of mosquitoes. Because of that, mosquitoes cannot see because it confuses them.

This color can be an option for those of you who do not like the white color at home, but want to repel mosquitoes.

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