Home remedies for mosquito bites
Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

9 Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

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No one likes mosquito bites. In addition to causing constant itching and annoying, mosquito bites can also leave unsightly marks on your smooth skin.

Then, what is a safe and natural way to treat mosquito bites? Here are some Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites.

Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites


Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it very useful for curing mosquito bites. Apply lemons over the skin to reduce the appearance of the infection.


Garlic is one of Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites.

Garlic helps reduce swelling and soothes itching due to mosquito bites. Simply apply the garlic to the affected area and clean immediately after a few minutes.

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Onions can relieve mosquito bites, cider extracted from freshly cut onion tubers can reduce stinging and irritations caused by mosquito bites. Onions also have natural antifungal properties that can reduce the risk of infection. It is best to cut the onion slices and apply them directly to the affected area for a few minutes. Rinse and wash the area well after removing the onions.


Honey is one of the most commonly chosen home remedies because it has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. A small drop of honey can reduce itching due to mosquito bites and reduce inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Home remedies for mosquito bites - aloe vera
9 Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites 2

These cactus plants are mostly planted as home plants. Aloe Vera is very popular because of its multipurpose use, the gel found in plants has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal minor wounds, therefore, it is a good choice to cure mosquito bites and help soothe the skin. For best results, apply the plant gel to the irritated area and let it dry. The same process should be followed if necessary.


As it turns out, oatmeal is not only useful as a breakfast menu. Food ingredients made from grains are also efficacious as an itching and a swollen reliever after being bitten by mosquitoes.

How to use it just like you make breakfast. Combine warm water with the oatmeal until it resembles porridge. After that, apply the oatmeal on a clean cloth, then paste it into the part of the mosquito bite mark.

Let stand for about ten minutes. After that, rinse until clean. After that, feel its efficacy.


All you have to do

  • Apply toothpaste in mosquito-bitten areas
  • Do it 2 times a day

Toothpaste usually has a menthol mint or peppermint flavor, which will soothe your skin and it can also cure itching. Toothpaste has an astringent content that can reduce skin bumps and inflammation of the skin that may arise from mosquito bites.

Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

What You Need

  • 2-3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon Coconut Oil (optional)

What You Should Do

  • Apply peppermint oil to mosquito bites
  • If you have sensitive skin, mix it with coconut oil and apply it
  • You can do it once or twice until the itch is gone

Peppermint contains a cooling and soothing effect when applied. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can reduce itching and bumps (rash) in infected areas. And a strong aroma can be as a mosquito repellent.

Tea Tree Oil

What You Need

  • 3 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 tsp oil (olive oil or coconut oil)

All you have to do

  • Combine tea tree oil with oil
  • Massage on the itchy part
  • Do it one to two times

Tea tree oil has a natural antiseptic that keeps insecticides and eradicated properties. Not only does it help ward off mosquitoes, but it also cures the itching and swelling of the effects of mosquito bites. More importantly, tea tree oil also helps treat various skin problems and has anti-microbial properties.


Fragrant basil plants are the main ingredient in many of favorite Italian recipes, but this plant doubles as a mosquito bite remedy. Studies show that a chemical compound called eugenol, which is found in basil, can relieve itching of the skin.

To make the basil leaves, boil 2 glasses of water and add half an ounce of dried basil leaves. Leave the mixture to cool. Then dip the washcloth into the liquid, and gently rub it on your mosquito bite marks.

In other ways, you can chop some fresh basil leaves until very smooth, and apply them to your skin.

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