Indoor Mosquito Repellent
Indoor Mosquito Repellent

6 Best Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plant

The indoor mosquito repellent should have been more than enough to repel mosquitoes away from your home. Unfortunately, many do not yet know this.

Most people prefer an instant way rather than diligently utilizing various ornamental plants to eradicate mosquitoes.

As a result, they also chose a variety of harmful mosquito repellent because they contain a lot of chemical substances.

In fact, the use of indoor ornamental plants to repel mosquitoes is more than enough.

Can’t believe it?

Try to read some of the indoor mosquito repellent plants below.

Best Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plants


Lavender has long been known for its usefulness as the most potent mosquito repellent plant in the world.

The fragrant flower Aroma is highly liked by humans, but so hated by mosquitoes due to the presence of linalool and lynalyl acetate substances.

That is why many mosquito repellent that makes lavender as one of the mixture or the aroma of the repellent.


You can put the lavender plant in the pot or directly on the ground in front of the room so that the mosquitoes do not go inside.

This plant has a high resistance to sunlight so that besides the fit planted in the pot as an interior decoration of the house, let it grow outside as an ornamental plant in the garden is no problem.

Rosemary is also able to produce a strong scent and keep mosquitoes away from your home. Having an upright and high physical characteristic of about 80-100 cm as a mature, Rosemary will be a beautiful natural fence for your home. Rosemary is highly recommended as the first protection from Mosquito invasion in your home.


Basil is a plant known to be efficacious as a traditional medicine and mosquito repellent through the scent it produces. The nature of this plant that is resistant to sunlight makes it suitable to be planted outdoors. On the other hand, the size of the mature plant that is only ranged from 50-60 cm makes it also fit in the room.

For those who want to total protection from mosquitoes either outside or indoors, basil plants can be the best recommendation for you. You only have to sprinkle the seeds on the loose ground and watering it every day, without any other special care. Those of you who are still beginners will not have trouble caring for it.


Lemongrass is not only used as a food or drink flavoring. This plant can also be used as a mosquito repellent. Therefore, it is not surprising if aromatherapy candles or mosquito repellent lotion often uses lemongrass as the main ingredient.

Lemongrass can flourish in various climates and soil types. This is what makes lemongrass a plant that is easily found and self-maintained at home. Although the lemongrass is not suitable if it is planted in the pot, you can outsmart it by planting it under the window around the house. This is done so that mosquitoes do not enter the house.

Citrosa or Mosquito Plant

Citrosa plant is widely known as a very potent plant to repel mosquitoes. This is why Citrosa is now also called the Mosquito plant. As you can guess from the name, this mosquito repellent plant has a strong citrus smell that mosquitoes don’t like.

To care for and keep this plant very easy. You just have to store the mosquito repellent in a pot and place it in the sun spot with enough.


Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plant
6 Best Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plant 2

Just like the anti-mosquito above, geranium also contains geraniol compounds. In addition, this mosquito repellent plant also contains Citronellol. The combination makes it very disliked by mosquitoes.

Put this plant in the corners of the room, so that mosquitoes are uncomfortable to stay.

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