Waking Up With a Headache
Waking Up With a Headache

5 Causes of Waking Up With a Headache

Do You often experience Waking Up With a Headache? Not all headaches are associated with a health condition. Try to look at first pain that you are experiencing. Whether the head is spinning, headache on the side of the head, the head is pulsing around the forehead or just normal.

Headaches are one of the complaints that many people often experience. Headaches can arise without any time. In fact, headaches can be felt after waking up. In fact, it can be said that sleep should be a “cure” for the body when you are in a less fit condition.

What exactly causes Waking Up With a Headache? Here are some of the reasons.

The cause of waking up with a headache.

Waking Up With a Headache has many meanings and some causes can generally be attributed to your behavior or habit the night before as:

Sleep with wet hair.

Night sleep with wet hair can cause Waking Up With a Headache. Because moisture in the hair can make sudden temperature changes in the body. It affects the blood circulation in the area of the head so that the head is dizzy or ache.

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In general, waking up with a headache were caused by dehydration over 7-8 was asleep without any water intake. Waking up with a headache can also occur due to a temporary blood pressure switch because you change the position from lying down to a seated position or instead rise to standing quickly and suddenly.

However, headaches in the morning can also be caused by:

The body is dehydrated.

The first cause of a headache when waking up is dehydration. When dehydration, brain tissue loses fluid and triggers pain. It’s what makes you awake, but with complaints of headaches and thirst. You are also encouraged to drink a lot afterwards. If you experience this, then do not refrain from drinking much. If you need to drink a variety of healthy fluids like fruit soup. That way the headache complaints will quickly disappear.


Coauses of Waking Up With a Headache

Migraine is a headache that usually starts on one side of the head, but can spread between the two sides. The cause of the migraine is not known for certain, but the unnatural brain function may affect nerve signals, chemical substances, and blood vessels in the brain.

Migraine pain is often described as severe throbbing pain that can get worse when exposed to bright lights, such as room lights or morning sunlight. The extreme weather changes from cold to hot, or vice versa, can also trigger the symptoms of recurrent migraine, migraine can also be triggered by other conditions, such as nasal congestion due to the cold or flu.

Ibuprofen can help relieve migraine symptoms.

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Rigid jaw and Teeth Grinding (Bruxism).

When you sleep, sometimes you are unaware that there is a concern for the jaw and teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is a condition of the upper and lower teeth that scraped strongly and repeatedly (growling) medically called bruxism. If the condition occurs continuously during your sleep, it will cause Waking Up With a Headache. It can also cause a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or joint that connects the lower jaw with the front skull.

Sleep snoring.

It occurs when the airway encounters a blockage while sleep. Furthermore, snoring can lead to dangerous conditions if there is a period of respiratory arrest. This condition is known as obstructive sleep apnea.

It is believed that it can increase the risk of Waking Up With a Headache. At the time of snoring, the airflow in the respiratory tract is less fluid, so the supply of oxygen in the bloodstream is reduced. In the end, there can be a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood that can affect blood flow to the brain. This situation eventually arises as a symptom of headaches.

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5 Causes of Waking Up With a Headache

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