Headache behind left eye
Headache behind left eye

Headache behind left eye: 12 causes and ways to prevent it

A headache behind left eye (behind the eye) could be a symptom of eye problems or something more serious. Generally people who complained of headache behind left eye or both eyes feel a throbbing sensation, the eye felt toned, hot, sore, and a very sharp pain.

Many of the causes that make people can experience headache behind left eye. Following a further explanation of the causes of headaches behind the eyes.

Causes of headache behind left eye

Dry eye.

Dry eye generally occurs for those who are more work in front of the computer. People who experience dry eye usually feel itchy, hot, and a sharp pain in the eyes. If the eye dryness lasts longer, then it will lead to excessive secretion of tears in response to irritation to protect themselves from further drying.


Exhaustion in long and monotornous activities such as reading and seeing the computer or watching.


Feverish conditions will cause pain and can be accompanied by pain and discomfort in the eyes.

Eye pain.

Eye pain due to the infection, and infection that is heavy enough would be able to cause headaches.

Disorders of refraction.

The presence of abnormalities of eye refraction, such as nearsightedness / farsightedness / cylinder so it forces eye muscles to work harder as a result will appear to the eye pain and accompanied by dizziness.


Sclera is a thin layer that covers the outer surface of the eye. Scleritis means experiencing inflammation of the sclera; became red, painful and burning sensation. Medical syndromes such as Rheumatoid arthritis and connective tissue disease can increase the risk of scleritis. Severe redness and intense pain should be examined by an ophthalmologist.. Treatment options include non-steroidal eye drops drug, steroid eye drops drugs, antibiotics if there is an infection, and others.

Orbital inflammatory syndrome

Orbita is a “home” for the eyes and contains nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, fat and muscles that move the eyes. Inflammation can occur in this area, but unfortunately the exact cause is very difficult. Examination of CT scan and blood tests can reveal whether or not there is an infection. Pain and discomfort occurs when eyes glanced right-left or top down and when the area around the eyes is touched.


There are many different types of migraines can cause headaches behind left eye (behind the eyes). Ophthalmoplegic migraine causes headaches that can last from days to several months. Retinal migraine causes extreme pressure on the muscles of the eye that can lead to loss of part or sometimes the whole vision. Migraine Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, confusion, numbness, and sensitivity to light and/or sound.

Sinusitis (inflammation of nasal mucous membranes).

The causes of headache behind left eye

People who suffer from sinusitis may also experience severe pain behind the eye. Sinus infection or inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes of your nose can cause throbbing pain behind your eyes that can be felt right up to the front of your face, especially on the cheekbones. Headaches due to sinus, usually accompanied by a mild fever, swollen and blocked nose, and sore throat.

Other causes of headache behind left eye:

  • Cranial nerve paralysis
  • Optical neuritis.
  • Cluster headache

In most cases, the headaches associated with unhealthy lifestyle such as lack of sleep, lack of motion, late eating, stress, too often see the monitor and so on. Lifestyle improvements will generally improve symptoms. Headaches are often a sign of infectious diseases; It is commonly associated with fever.

To ascertain the cause of your complaint, the direct examination by a doctor is required. Blood examination to Scan-CT of the head may be necessary to support the diagnosis. After the cause is clear, then the proper handling can be given.

How to prevent headache behind left eye

  • Every activity, try every 45 minutes to look at objects that are far away for 15-20 seconds, or you can also close your eyes, so that the muscles of the eye are not too tense.
  • Enough rest and sleep.
  • Avoid staying up.
  • Avoid the use of drugs without the advice of a doctor.
  • Healthy lifestyle.

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