Things That Damage The Spine
Things that damage the spine

6 Things That Damage The Spine

The backbone or spine work to help a person standing upright, supporting weight, and plays a major role in the nervous system. Little damage or injuries to the spine can have an impact on overall health. Perhaps many people are not aware of the activities that occur everyday can cause spinal damage. What is it? Following a bad things that damage the spine.

Things that damage the spine

Wear high heels too often.

The wearing of high heels too often can cause a curvature of the spine that are not aligned. This could affect the posture and can cause back and hip kinked.

Carrying too heavy a load.

If carrying heavy weights in the gym to workout, you must do so under expert supervision. Carrying heavy loads when you aren’t familiar will hurt your spine.

Carrying an excessive backpack or shopping bag.

Bring a shopping bag and a heavy backpack keeps you lean to one side or moving forward. If your body still leaning in a long duration, can cause neck pain and damage to the spine. Avoid carrying a heavy bag or carry heavy bags with loads balanced.

Excessive use of mobile phone

Although this habit has become part of the lifestyle, we have forgotten the great danger that targets our health. Tilting the neck while using a smart phone or tilting the neck while talking on the phone gives a lot of pressure on the spine.

Brushing Teeth

When we stand, the spine will sustain a heavier body than when we walk. If you have to stand in a variety of daily activities such as brushing your teeth, you have to have a way to reduce the bad influence against the spine. Then when you brush your teeth, try to lean against the wall or washbasin using hands.

Washing Dishes

Do the rinsing plate with bent position make a back area becomes sore. In fact, the upper arms were tired too. To overcome this problem tries to put the bench under your knees while you’re washing dishes. This will help lower the pressure.

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