Health benefits of swallow nest - swallow nest health benefits
Health benefits of swallow nest - Swallow Nest Health Benefits

6 Swallow Nest Health Benefits That are A Pity To Miss

It’s been a long time trusted that many Swallow Nest Health benefits. According to the concept of Chinese food, this is referred to as “Ying” or cold food. And it is said that it is also the story, swallow’s nest soup at first is a dish among the family dynasty, so it is a very special food and the price is very expensive.

Swallow nest made of the saliva of the swallow itself, and in the wild is usually made on a humid and dark place like caves on cliffs that are hard to reach humans. Therefore, the price of swallow nests is believed have many benefits is sold at a very high price.

Swallow nest is usually processed into delicious meals like soups and ice. Not only tasty, it also has a lot of benefits for the health of our body. Swallow nest is rich in protein, high in antioxidants, high calcium and collagen.

Health benefits of swallow nest

Swallow Nest Health Benefits #1: The content of nutrients.

Swallow nest made from organic materials from the saliva composed mostly of proteins soluble in water, which is the type that is easily absorbed by the human body. Total protein levels approximately 65%, while the remaining 10% is water, 23.3% is fat and carbohydrate 0.8%. It also contains minerals, and most are calcium and iron. The total content of amino acids in swallow nest is around 6 percent, comprising an amide, Humin, arginine, cystine, histidine, and lysine. The possibility of this amino acid is derived from the content of certain foods are eaten by a swallow.

Swallow Nest Health Benefits #2: Reproductive health.

Traditionally, one of the benefits of the swallow nest is nourish the reproductive system. And it turns out, this claim is also confirmed by the results of research from laboratory tests released by Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. This benefit of swallow nest is optimized body functions and hormone in healthy levels for optimal reproductive system. Further testing still needs to be done to support or refute the results of this study.

Swallow nest beverage is very good for keeping the body’s stamina. Especially to speed up post-operative recovery, as after caesarean section. Also good for pregnant women consuming this drink to maintain the cleanliness of the baby in the womb. So the baby’s skin becomes healthy, clean and smooth.

Swallow Nest Health Benefits #3: Benefits for treatment.

Traditionally, the swallow’s nest is believed to have efficacy to strengthen the lungs, and has been used to heal and strengthen the resilience of the body from diseases related to low blood, high body temperature, and other diseases. Consume swallow nest are also recommended to help treatment for degenerative diseases such as cancer, as well as to recover health after illness or post-operative. Recent research conducted in Hong Kong suggests that swallow nest may be useful in the treatment of AIDS. It has also been claimed that the swallow nest contains elements which can stimulate cell growth, especially useful for elderly who have recently recovered from the disease.

#4. Benefits to women.

Swallow nest, especially sought-after by women, as there are elements that could make your skin becomes smooth and radiant. It was also mentioned that for women who are pregnant, that consume bird’s nest would make babies who are born will have a smooth and seamless.

#5. Accelerate cell regeneration.

The Chinese already consume swallow nest for hundreds of years, and most people there believe that the swallow nest is composed of several proteins and minerals that can help the regeneration and growth of body cells, rejuvenate the skin, and boost the immune system. Research also has found that swallow nest contains epidermal growth factor, so that the expert treatment in China often prescribe a swallow nest to the person experiencing the problem of of growth delay for no apparent reason.

#6. Increase your metabolism and immune system.

Research conducted by an independent laboratory has also been shown that swallow nest contains a water-soluble glycoprotein, which promotes cell division found in the immune system. These findings support the belief that swallow nest can promote growth and repair of body tissues. Not only that, the swallow nest also strengthened the work of body functions and provide resistance to disease.

Swallow nest also contains Glyco Protein helps repair body durability and clean the lungs, and contains Growth Factor improving cell regeneration. Although it has many benefits, unfortunately not many people can enjoy it. Besides, they’re expensive, too few people understand how to offer it.

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