Vegetarian food list
Vegetarian Food List

8 Vegetarian Food Lists

Vegetarian Food List – If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, maybe you are interested in vegetarians. Being vegetarian is indeed a lot of concern by many people. In addition to wanting to lose weight, people who decide to become vegetarians claim to be healthier and fresher.

Of course, it is not easy to live the day by not eating meat, let alone the taste of meat that is delicious and always manages to be appetizing. If you are interested in becoming a vegetarian, then do not be careless. You also need to know what kind of food you can eat.

There are several types of food that vegetarians usually consume, among others are:

Vegetarian Food List

Green vegetables

Green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, seaweed, peas and spinach, whole grains and legumes are an excellent source of protein. So eating a lot of these foods will make you not be short of protein.


Nuts is one of Vegetarian Food List. To do a vegetarian diet, you will avoid protein and iron resources such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs. The solution is that you can use high-protein peas. Nuts have a content of 10 to 20 grams of protein per cup.

Peas also have fiber content, carbohydrates, iron, folate, manganese, zinc, antioxidants, and plant compounds that are good for health.

One vegetarian food that has a high iron and protein content is chickpeas. Chickpeas help reduce weight gain, heart disease and cancer potential. This benefit is even better for those of you who replace meat with chickpeas.

Chickpeas can also help lower sugar levels in the blood and increase insulin when compared to other high- carbohydrate foods.

The absorption of iron from legumes is estimated to be 50 percent lower compared to animal sources. So a vegetarian diet can reduce iron absorption by as much as 35 percent compared to meat consumption.

Peanuts are also good for those of you who will go on a vegan diet. Peanuts have a useful content of vitamin E, protein, and calories for diet. The high content of unsaturated fats also makes peanuts great for overcoming hunger.

Sweet potatoes

Add yams to make curries, or they can also be served in the form of chips or baked in the form of wedges.


Vegetarian food list - almond
8 Vegetarian Food Lists 2

Almonds can be consumed as a snack or consumed in the form of milk (Almond milk). You can make it yourself by making it into a kind of smoothie, besides delicious also safer because it is free of chemicals. Add it to cereal, coffee or tea.

Eggs and dairy products

Eggs and dairy products provide a healthy dose of protein, for those on a meatless diet. Milk and dairy products also provide calcium and rich in vitamin D.


Legumes, including bean and lentils are a very important part of a vegetarian diet. They are the best source of protein and also offer essential fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Whole grains are a good source of carbohydrates for vegetarians. They also provide minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. A good type of grain is found in oats, wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, and quinoa.


Fruits are one of the main foods of vegetarian foods, on fruits containing nutrients as well as vitamins that are excellent for your skinny fast diet program. For example, in the following fruits:


These tomatoes are rich in vitamin C as well as their fiber. Which is able to lower the ghrelin hormone which is the trigger hormone of appetite. In addition, its vitamin C content can also decay the fat that is in the body. The efficacy of tomatoes for other diets is that tomatoes are able to flatten the stomach, improve digestion, and be able to give a fuller taste for longer.


The content of flavonoids in apples is believed to have benefits for weight loss. The content of fiber and also pectin able to give a fuller taste longer, the efficacy of apples for other diets, it can help the digestive process become smoother.


This avocado contains healthy fats that are good for the body and do not make fat. In addition, the fiber content is also very good for diet, because it is able to suppress appetite by giving a fuller taste for longer.


This lemon is widely used in every herb or drink for those who are running a diet program, because its content is rich in vitamins and also an excellent nutrient for dieting. The content contains vitamin C, citric acid, pectin, etc., which is very good at decaying the bad fats that are in the body and improving the process of burning fat in the body.

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