Tea For Sleep
Tea For Sleep

5 Best Tea For Sleep

Best Tea For Sleep – Drinking tea is more common in the morning. Drinks that warm this body can be a source of energy for the body to start the day. However, some people prefer to drink tea at night before bedtime.

Many people say, tea is one of the drinks that can help sleep better. The assumption is actually not wrong, but what needs to be underlined is not all types of tea can make the body relax before bedtime.

Utilize tea for deep sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, drinking tea can be used as one of the alternatives to help you sleep. However, you need to observe the best time to drink tea.

The reason is that the tea also contains caffeine like coffee, although there are fewer levels.

Caffeine is a substance that can increase alertness. This compound has an effect that is inversely proportional to theanine. Theanine is one type of amino acid that is beneficial for improving sleep quality.

In order to drink tea does not interfere with sleep, you should not drink tea right before bedtime. It would be better if this drink is enjoyed in the afternoon or at least 2 hours before you get into the mattress.

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In addition to time, pay attention to the portion of tea that you drink. Simply drink a cup of warm tea to help you more comfortably. You can also compensate with a warm shower to make your muscles more relaxed and sleep more soundly.

Tea For Sleep

According to some studies, tea that can help to sleep better is herbal tea. Herbal tea generally has no caffeine, so it does not cause any insomnia effects for people who consume it.

For that reason, over the centuries, herbal teas are used worldwide as a natural sleep remedy. Here are several types of herbal tea for sleep better.

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Chamomile Flower tea is famous for its usefulness which makes the body more relaxed. While insomnia is usually experienced because one feels too tense. So enjoy a soothing chamomile flower tea to sleep more soundly.


Lavender Flower tea is a bit hard to find. But the hard effort to get it will not be wasted for you. Because in addition to the savory aroma, lavender flower tea has the power to signal to the brain to cause the body to rest immediately.

Peppermint tea

Tea For Sleep Better

In addition to overcoming insomnia, peppermint tea can also be drunk when you are difficult to focus, headache, have digestive problems, bloating, stress, until anxious. Although the effects of drinking the peppermint tea does not directly make you sleepy, but feel calm before bedtime can certainly maximize the schedule of rest.

Low Caffeine Green Tea

According to a study in Nutrients Journal, one of the content on green tea, i.e. theanine, can lower cortisol hormone levels in the body.

When cortisol levels are high, it means you are feeling stressed. Well, stress can make your brain more active, so it’s hard to sleep.

When cortisol levels decline, the stimulation in the brain decreases and you become more relaxed. This feeling of calm can make you sleep more soundly.

To get the benefits, you can drink a cup of low-caffeine green tea before bedtime. Low caffeine levels allow you to not disturb your sleep.

Passion flower tea

As the name suggests, this tea is made from the dried passionflower petals. This tea usually has a pale green color or a little purplish. It tastes like vegetables, sweet, and earthy, and has fragrant scent.

Passion flower tea contains flavone, a substance that can soothe and relax muscles. A study in Phytotherapy Research on the effects of passion flower on sleep showed that participants who consumed passionflower tea had improved sleep quality.

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