Pills stuck in esophagus
Pills Stuck In Esophagus

Pills Stuck In Esophagus: 3 Ways How To Treat and Prevent It

When taking medicine in the form of pills, tablets or capsules, often the drug will get stuck in the throat. Especially when drunk, drank it in a hurry or maybe too much at once.

This condition can sometimes make the throat feel uncomfortable, and it feels like something is up.

Is it dangerous to experience Pills Stuck In Esophagus?

If the drug is stuck in the throat, there is no need to worry because such a feeling like a lump is may be just a feeling or can be because the drug can irritate the throat wall causing pain or a lump in the throat and in the chest.

In addition, if it is not immediately resolved and in some cases, the drug stuck in the throat can also clog the airway. Such conditions require the help of others and also from doctors.

A guide to addressing Pills Stuck In Esophagus

While alone

If you are taking medication, then choke, here’s the first aid you can do:

  • Head one of the hands and place it on the stomach just above the navel.
  • Hold the wrist that is flapped with the other hand.
  • Find a sturdy surface, such as a table, chair, or wall.
  • Use those objects to help push the fist in the stomach with a quick movement (it is fusing upwards).

This technique is named Heimlich maneuver. This simple way is effective enough to help remove the blockage in the throat.

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When one cannot breathe

If the drug stuck in the throat makes someone around you to not breathe, give first aid with the following steps:

  • Stand behind the person.
  • Wrap your arms around the waist and then lean her body slightly towards the front.
  • Head one of your hands, then position right above the person’s navel.
  • Use your other hand to hold your wrist at the head.
  • Move your hand with the jerking movement upwards into the stomach.
  • Repeat this technique up to about five times or until the stuck pill can come out.

Other ways that you can do to overcome the drug stuck in the throat, namely:

  • Stand right behind the person.
  • Put your one hand on his chest.
  • Lean the person’s body forward.
  • With the heel of your hand, try hitting the person’s back five times, precisely between the shoulder blade.
  • Then, put one of your clenched fists right above the belly button.
  • Hold your fist wrist with other hands.
  • Put pressure on his abdomen five times quickly on the top of the stomach.
  • Repeat until the person coughs or the pills out of the mouth.

If the person is coughing

Cough signifies a person’s airway is not 100 percent clogged. Then the most appropriate step to overcome is to encourage someone or yourself to continue coughing. Cough is the body’s natural way to relieve blockages in the throat.

In addition, push the drug stuck in the throat by drinking a few sip water. Eating a little bit of food can also help drive the stuck pills to go inside. In essence, do not let the drug remain in the throat because it can hurt its surface even triggers esophagitis.

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How to prevent the Pills Stuck In Esophagus?

To prevent the drug from getting stuck in the throat, avoid:

  • Not taking the drug in a lying position.
  • Keep sitting in the upright position at least 30 minutes afterwards if possible.
  • Drink enough water so the medication can be pushed perfectly.

If any of the help that has been done does not bring a lot of change, immediately go to the clinic or hospital to ask the medical personnel for help.

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