Is cholesterol a lipid
Is Cholesterol a Lipid

Is Cholesterol a Lipid: 5 Things You Should Know for A Better Understanding About Cholesterol

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You may have realized that some people use the terms “cholesterol” and “lipids” for the same point that you might think both have the same definition. However, it is actually just your assumption. Is cholesterol a lipid? The answer to this question is a little bit complicated.  

Is Cholesterol a Lipid?

Definition of Cholesterol

Lipids are molecules that have similar characteristic with fat and circulate through the bloodstream. These molecules are also found in tissue and cells throughout the body.  It appears that there are different types of lipids and cholesterol is the most famous. Cholesterol is basically part of protein and part of lipid. That is why, you may know different types of cholesterol, which are known as lipoproteins while another kind of lipid is called triglyceride.

The Function of Lipid

Is cholesterol a lipid - the function of lipid

Lipids are needed by your body to keep it healthy. Cholesterol is produced by your body in a certain amount and can be found in all of your cells. Cholesterol is needed to support your body producing other substances that are also needed, including vitamin D, enzymes which are in charge of food digestion and certain hormones. Generally, you can get cholesterol intake from animal-based foods like red meat, bacon, dairy and egg yolks.

Types of Cholesterol

There are two main categories of cholesterol, which are LDL that stands for low-density lipoproteins and HDL that is high-density lipoproteins.

a.      LDL

LDL cholesterol is thought to be bad since it can cause plaques in your arteries. Plaque is kinds of waxy deposits and it makes the arteries stiffer even clog it. If this happens to your arteries, there will be no room enough for blood to circulate.

Furthermore, plaques are also able to spill cholesterol, other fats and waste products into the bloodstream after rupturing it. Because of this situation, blood cells that are known as platelets get a move on the site and develop blood clots. The blood clots are meant to contain the unfamiliar objects in the bloodstream.

However, if the clot is big enough, it can fully block the blood flow.  If this condition happens in your coronary arteries, it results in a heart attack. Meanwhile, if the blood clot hinders an artery in your brain or an artery that should carry the blood to the brain, it can lead to a stroke. This important information that is more than just answering” Is cholesterol a lipid?” needed, so you can pay attention to your body.

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b.      HDL

HDL cholesterol has the main job that is to sweep the LDL out of the bloodstream. Even though, HDL is recognized as the good cholesterol, the higher level of this type of cholesterol can enhance the risk of lower heart disease.

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The condition of the high level of lipids or called as dyslipidemia is in fact a serious threat that causes heart disease. However, most people can be treated through lifestyle changes and diet. People who have a high level of LDL should intake certain medication that will maintain the LDL levels in the healthy range.

Healthy Lifestyle for Managing Cholesterol

Besides medication, you should also change your lifestyle to improve the lipid profile like the following.

a.      You should follow a low cholesterol diet. You should choose food that has lesser fatty meats, red meat, and whole-fat dairy. On the other hand, you can eat more fiber, nuts, whole grain, fresh vegetables and fruits.

b.      Exercising is important. You should at least do exercise in 150 minutes for a moderate intensity level like walking. More physical activities you do, the lower LDL and higher HDL level you can gain.

c.      Always follow your doctor recommends. For now, we know the answer to the question of” Is cholesterol a lipid?” Pay attention to the lipid levels because it can change significantly every year. Do not smoke, limit your alcohol intake, take medication as prescribed and do not forget to have a healthy diet along with regular exercise.

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