Food Stuck In Esophagus
Food Stuck In Esophagus

How To Dislodge Food Stuck In Esophagus in 13 Ways

Feeling there is food stuck in esophagus can usually make someone feel panic. This usually happens when you consume hard foods such as candy, eating too fast, or food is not chewed well before it is swallowed. However, it is actually quite easy to address this when you know what you have to do.

How To Dislodge Food Stuck In Esophagus

Perform Heimlich maneuvers.

If food is stuck makes your breathing difficulties, then you can do a Heimlich maneuver to put out the food in the esophagus. The trick is to tilt your body forward, towards the back of the chair, then put pressure on your diaphragm by using the back of the chair. If it doesn’t work, ask someone for help with this maneuver.

However, if you only experience small blockages, then doing some of the following can usually help:

Drinking water

Saliva serves as a food lubricant to facilitate the passing of food in the esophagus.

However, if we do not chew the food well, the food becomes more dry due to lack of saliva.

The step that you should do first when experiencing food stuck in esophagus is drinking water.

Drinking water can make the snagging food to be damp so it is easier to swallow.

Drink soft drinks.

Did you know that soda or carbonated drinks can help to launch food left in your throat?

As reported from Dr. Troy Madsen’s interview at the University of Utah, carbonated drinks were able to break down the food that was stuck in the throat.

Although there has not been any research that proves the reason, the carbon dioxide in the drink is suspected to help destroy the food particles become smaller.

In addition, it may also occur because the soda will release the gas when it enters your stomach. The gas pressure can eventually release the food stuck in esophagus.

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Let it dissolve naturally

While there are many reasons why you can get food stuck in your throat, you should know that most foods dissolve as time goes by. So if the cut does not cause much trouble, let it dissolve naturally with saliva in the throat. If this fails, try drinking a little cold water to help loosen the blockage. The water assists the process by watering the sides and carrying it along the flow.

If the cold water does not help the food get stuck in your throat, you could try some warm water or even tea. Do not use very hot water as this can burn your throat and cause even bigger problems, especially if it is not food stuck in your throat which is a problem. It may even help lay on the back and try to drink water because gravity is also introduced to help repel the stuck food. 

Repeat several times if it doesn’t work on the first stage.

Other ways:

How To Dislodge Food Stuck In Esophagus

If this does not work, then it may actually be that the snagging food has been removed successfully but you still feel there is a something in the throat. This is because the snagging foods can cause blisters on the esophagus, which makes you feel there is still something there.

However, this is for emergency situations and you should feel alert in first aid if you try to use it. If you have food stuck in your throat for a long time, you should consult a doctor and be careful not to do anything against yourself that could cause further harm or discomfort.

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