Osteoporosis natural treatment
Osteoporosis Natural Treatment

7 Osteoporosis Natural Treatments

Osteoporosis Natural Treatment – We have already understood that osteoporosis is a condition of decreasing bone density. When the elements that fill the inside of the bones are damaged and become full of cavities, the bones will become very fragile and easily broken and damaged. Even patients can become permanent disabilities because of this.

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Can Osteoporosis be treated?

Overcoming osteoporosis is not an easy thing. It is not as simple as it refill empty cavities in the bones. That’s why some experts say preventing osteoporosis is much more realistic than curing it.

But in some conditions, one can become more susceptible to experiencing this osteoporosis disease. There are some actions and therapies are usually prescribed for patients. However, some of its properties only relieves symptoms and helps prevent further growth of damage.

But in fact, traditionally, the ancient health world has known effective ways to solve these bone-deterioration problems.

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Osteoporosis Natural Treatment

Here are Osteoporosis Natural Treatments:


Casssava contains more calories than the potatoes. At 100 grams of cassava, it has a content of up to 160 calories and most of the calorie content consists of sucrose. Cassava also has a high vitamin K content, which plays an important role in the growth and development of bone mass. Moreover, by consuming regular cassava every day, the risk of osteoporosis can decrease.

Cassava can also play a role in maintaining bone and joint health in order to prevent it from being easily porous. In addition to cassava benefits for bones, cassava can also play a role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s sufferers, as cassava can prevent nerve damage in the brain.

Broccoli leaves

This vegetable is high in calcium so it can help maintain bone density. In addition to broccoli leaves, vegetables such as watercress and bok choy can also be another option to get a calcium intake.

Cashew Nuts

This nut is high in magnesium, which is minerals that contribute to bone health by stimulating your thyroid to produce calcitonin.


Osteoporosis natural treatments

Egg yolks are rich in vitamin D which is essential for maintaining bone health, as they can affect how much calcium you can absorb by stimulating the production of calcium-binding proteins.


Vitamin K is famous for its role in blood clotting, but it also has an important role when working with vitamin D to absorb calcium. In fact, vitamin K also helps your body make the proteins needed to make the bones healthy.

Only one stalk of scallion is chopped and sprinkled on a salad, then you will get about 40 percent of the recommended daily vitamin K intake. However, if you do not so like scallions, vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and kale can also give a vitamin K intake.

Consuming calcium foods and beverages

Bone loss or osteoporosis in the elderly are indeed very natural because of the increasingly fragile bone structure as a result of increasing age. Past workloads that have been done can be a factor of bone condition in old age. For that, the occurrence of osteoporosis in the elderly is very disturbing comfort. The activities of the elderly are limited.

Based on the phenomenon, each elderly can conduct treatment of bone impairment by consuming food and beverages calcium. High calcium foods that are beneficial to bones are meat, fish (salmon, shrimp), bone marrow, cheese, vegetables (spinach, radish, broccoli, cabbage, kale), beans, and fruit.

In addition, some processed foods, such as cereals, oatmeal, crackers, can meet the needs of calcium. Drinks containing high calcium are milk and dairy products, namely yogurt. 

How to treat osteoporosis in the elderly naturally through the fulfillment of optimal calcium it can effectively strengthen the bones again.


To increase muscle strength practicing regular yoga exercise is a must. It also helps to maintain the bone density. If you want to restore loss of bone density, which has been lost due to osteoporosis, then yoga practice is a must for you. The best way to enjoy health in such conditions is to join the yoga training institutions.

Yoga is the best natural treatment for osteoporosis. The series of yoga poses helps strong muscles around the weaker bone and porous in those conditions. Add to yoga, which also helps in maintaining a balance between the organs and glands so that the hormone supplies are guarded which helps in providing density to the bones.

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