Nutritious breakfast menu
Nutritious breakfast menu

Nutritious breakfast menu

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Nutritious breakfast menu – Start the day with breakfast can help give you the initial energy to run your activity a day. Many studies have shown that a healthy breakfast in the morning can help meet the need for nutrients, can help lower cholesterol levels, help improve concentration and performance to do activities, and can also give the strength and resilience to face the day.

What is your favorite breakfast menu each morning? Doughnut, cereal, until toast with buttery spread is some of the most popular answers. There is no harm in consuming such foods. But according to experts, there is some food that much bigger benefit if taken in the morning. What’s it? The following are Nutritious breakfast menu, good foods consumed in the morning:

Nutritious breakfast menu

Boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs are a nutrient-rich and tasty food when consumed. Eating eggs in the morning can make you more satiety, and keep blood sugar and insulin levels remain normal.

Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt contains high probiotics. In addition, these foods also evokes the hormones that make us feel full.

The berries.

Berries such as Blueberry, strawberry, raspberries and blackberries are also delicious in the morning. These foods contain sugars that are slightly but are rich in fiber.


Nuts have a very low caloric content, and contains no fat. The consumption of nuts is good for heart and bone health.


Oatmeal can be an alternative to rice. High in fiber and also lower cholesterol, oatmeal also contain saturated fat.


Eating a banana in the morning is a good idea. Bananas contain carbohydrates and fiber that can also keep you full longer. In addition, bananas contain potassium which can help lower blood pressure, so it’s good for sufferers of hypertension. You can eat a banana with a variety of ways. Can be eaten directly, made smoothies, added to the cereal or oatmeal, and other ways.


Watermelon contains a lot of water, so that it is able to hydrate your body. Watermelon can be a good fruit eaten in the morning. The lycopene content in watermelon also plays an important role in vision, heart health, and cancer prevention. Please note that lycopene can be found in the fruit or vegetable that is red.


The Kiwis may have a slightly sour taste, but it does have a rich nutrient content. Kiwi fruit has a high vitamin C content about 65 mg per fruit. In addition, the kiwi also contains potassium and copper minerals. The high potassium content makes the Kiwis can help lower high blood pressure for hypertension sufferers.

The Kiwi also contains plenty of fiber, even higher than the banana. It makes the kiwi as a fruit that is good for the digestion. A study shows that eating two kiwifruit a day for a month can help reduce constipation in people with irritable bowel syndrome. You can eat kiwi fruit by mixing with other fruit, so it becomes a salad. Or, it can also be made smoothies together with banana and strawberry.


Oranges can also be a menu of breakfast in the morning. Eating the bread along with the orange juice in the morning seems to make breakfast more nutritious. Orange is one of the fruits with the highest content of vitamin C, which can help meet the needs of vitamin C daily. Because it contains high vitamin C, oranges also contain antioxidants, which can protect the body from the danger of free radicals. So, getting orange in the morning can be a benefit.

Thank you very much for reading Nutritious breakfast menu, hopefully useful. For those of you who want to lose weight, maybe this is very useful: Best breakfast recipes to lose weight.

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