How to cure h pylori naturally
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How To Cure H Pylori Naturally

Many people are shocked to know that the number of bacteria in the body much more than our own body cells! (achieving a 10:1 comparison!).

Heliobacter pylori or h. pylori, is one of the bacteria that can cause peptic ulcers or duodenal ulcer. H. pylori infected so many people, and caused an ulcer on many of them. In fact, despite the stress, spicy foods, alcoh*l, and sm*king believed to be the cause of the ulcer, the majority of ulcer in the digestive tract are actually caused by these bacteria.

How To Cure H Pylori Naturally

Here are some ways to Cure H Pylori Naturally:

Drink plenty of water.
Consume a lot of water is part of a healthy diet. You should try to drink water at least 6-8 glasses per day. Increase your water consumption while spending time in hot sun or do activities that make you sweat.

Eating a balanced diet.
Whole foods that aren’t processed is recommended as a source of nutrients that will stimulate the immune system, stimulate and support the growth of the microbiome, as well as keep the gastric acidity levels in your body.

Avoid foods that are processed or packaged.
The food was processed and sold in packaging does not provide adequate nutrition. Raw foods are included in this group is the food processed up considerably altered from their natural state, or contain ingredients that do not include food in it.

Make it a habit to live clean and healthy.
To reduce the risk of infected with h. pylori, be sure to wash your hands, utensils and your meal thoroughly. Use warm water and soap to wash it. Don’t lend the cookware and eating utensils to anyone, and make sure all the people who cook your food are used to living clean. Wash all fruits and vegetables with warm water and soap, or wash fruit and vegetables, then rinse until clean.

Probiotics are the source of all kinds of bacteria and yeast “good” that is normally found in the body of the microbiome. “Good” bacteria include Lactobacillus species, Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria, and the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. You can consume the probiotics as a supplement (by following a deployment guide that is listed in the Pack) or mixing into foods.

Medicinal plants.
Many medicinal plants is effective as antibiotics (bacterial killer) that attack the bad bacteria. Cranberry juice is able to inhibit or prevent bacteria from attaching to the colon walls; one of the research suggested to drink 250 ml cranberry juice every day. In addition, many of the plants and herbs that are used as seasoning proved able to kill h. pylori in laboratory cultures and human patients. Use this herbal seasoning in Your cuisine: onions and garlic, Ginger (Ginger is also known to be able to inhibit the formation of peptic ulcers), Thyme, turmeric, chili pepper (but not too much), Oregano, cinnamon and Fenugreek.

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