Lazy keto diet
Lazy Keto Diet

Lazy Keto Diet: 4 Benefits, Rule and Safety

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The Lazy keto diet is one variation of a ketogenic diet or popularly called a keto diet.

If the dietary pattern on the keto diet is arranged in such a manner, then the lazy keto diet is against the rigid rules of the conventional ketogenic diet.

The keto Diet generally emphasizes high fat intake patterns, but low in carbohydrates. It applied a low carbohydrate diet and relied on fat as well as animal proteins as the primary energy source in the body.

This drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake will cause the body to lack carbohydrate and sugar, this process is called ketosis.

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The rules in “lazy keto” can only consume 20 grams of carbohydrate a day.

Different from the original keto diet, “”Lazy keto” does not have to do calorie tracking and calculates other macro nutrients.

Tracking calories takes intensive time and it is certainly very complicated. With variations of this keto diet, we only need to focus on carbohydrates.

Although simple, this dietary variation is not always good for the body.

Indeed “lazy keto” is potent to lose weight. However, this dietary technique will make us achieve a faster plateau period.

The plateau is a phase where the weight will not go down again.

Lazy Keto Diet Benefits

According to some experts, the new form of this keto diet has a number of benefits. Some of these are

  • More loose than keto, so less likely to cause stress,
  • Macro nutritional calculations are easier,
  • Has the same benefits as the classic keto diet, and
  • Tend to last longer than the classic keto diet.

Well, if you want to try a more minimal stress option rather than a classic keto diet, the lazy keto can be a starting point.

However, if the target you want to achieve is ketosis, applying lazy keto may not help you effectively to achieve it.

Lazy Keto: Diet with 1 rule only

The most common definition of Lazy Keto is to eat no more than 5-10% of carbohydrates daily from total calories per day, without calculating the calories of protein and fat. This more relaxed diet concept is aimed at those who have difficulty counting and noting the intake of protein and fat each time they eat.

Well, 5-10% of carbohydrates from total calories per day range from 20-50 grams per day, so for the Lazy Keto it is only this figure that needs to be considered and this is the rule you need to adhere to.

However, you need to know that although the name of this diet is Lazy Keto, it doesn’t mean you can get lazy undergoing this diet, for example today’s diet, tomorrow not. Any version of the Keto diet, including Lazy Keto, requires a dietary habit that is disciplined, strict, and must be followed each day.

Is lazy keto diet safe for us?

At this stage, there is no scientific evidence that supports lazy keto. However, some findings instead suggest that a low-carbohydrate eating style is not good for long-term health. Carbohydrates play a fairly important role in overall health.

According to Sarah King, an accredited exercise physiologist, research shows that for each increase 15 grams of whole grains eaten per day, total deaths and incidents of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer decreased by 2% to 19%.

In line with King, Chloe McLeod, an accredited dietician practitioner also says that keto (in any form) is not something that can provide a potential effect on intestinal health.

In the end, whatever the diet, there needs to be something that can be followed consistently. The diet should bring about positive and still prioritize health. Don’t let your diet just make your health decline.

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