Implications Definition
Implications Definition

Implications Definition, Types, and Examples

Implications Definition, Types, and Examples – The term implication is often used without really thinking about what they mean and define. The use of the word “implication” is rarely used in everyday conversational sentences. The use of the word “implication” is often used in the language of research. Therefore, there are still some studies that discuss the meaning of the word implications. However, when you hear the term implication, the first thing that comes to mind is an effect or something that has an immediate impact.

The meaning of the word implication itself has a very broad and diverse scope, so it can be used in a variety of sentences in various languages. The word implication can be used in a variety of circumstances or situations where a person should or should argue. This is the case in the language of research and mathematics.

Implications Definition

The implication is an effect or result that is obtained if the object is given a treatment intentionally or unintentionally and the impact of this will be seen within a certain period of time. Therefore, the term will be in a research report, especially because it will provide a desired and expected result of its readers.

Types of implications

  • Theoretical Implications
  • Managerial Implications
  • Methodological Implications
  • Mathematical Logic Implications
  • Leadership Implications.
  • Ethical Implication
  • Cultural Implications
  • Globalization Implications

Theoretical Implications

In this section the researcher presents a complete picture of the theoretical implications of this study. This section aims to convince examiners on the contribution to science in the theories used to solve research problems, but also their implications for theories relevant to the main fields of study presented in theoretical models.

Managerial Implications

Managerial implications are reviewing or discussing the conclusion or final results of the study. Of course, these conclusions are obtained based on the policies applied in research methods. The policies taken to get the final result of the decision are obtained through a decision-making process that is thorough and participatory from all members of the research and in an appropriate managerial way.

The implications of policies related to the results of the study are also referred to as managerial implications. In addition, managerial implications can provide benefits to management science. Management consists of two implications:

  • Procedural implications, namely analysis, work planning, policy choices, and analytical procedures.
  • Substantive implications, namely the estimate of the plan and the formulation of an action.

Methodological Implications

This type of methodology is the method or way the researcher draws conclusions correctly.

Mathematical Logic Implications

In addition to often used in the types of scientific studies or in a study, the word implication is also commonly used in the process of learning mathematics. This is known as a mathematical implication. The implications of the word in mathematics have meant as a statement meaning compound and are often displayed in the word “if” or “then”. In mathematical logic the way to read and write “if” and “then” can be explained by the following implications:

“P => q”

The mathematical implication can be read as “if” p “then” q. The implication of p => q can be taken literally, where “p” (antecedent) is the initial or provisional hypothesis and conjecture and “q” is the consequence.

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Implications Examples

Here’s an example of implications in a study.

There is a researcher who wants to prove how a cat reacts when encountered with other isolated cats. In this case we can apply the Theoretical type that is the reaction of the cat will initially be fearful because it considers another cat is foreign.

While using managerial implications, the researcher should be able to pay attention to ethics when isolating the cat. The cat must be fed and drank adequately and a room that can be entered by air. In addition, researchers must also look for the linkages or consequences that will occur in the results of their research.

Finally the methodological implications, the researcher carries out his research and can conclude the results.

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