Benefits of tea tree oil for a shiny hair
benefits of tea tree oil for a shiny hair

Eight benefits of tea tree oil for a shiny hair you did not know

Grooming your hair can demand a lot of attention from you. Although you might not always have the time and energy to attend to your hair fully, the site is here for your rescue. Identify various tips and tricks to take care of your mane, including insights on some of the best hair grooming tools in the market.

Hair tends to be affected by weather conditions rendering it dry at particular times. The last thing you want is to live with damages hair. Using oils and kinds of butter on your hair can go a long way in protecting your hair strands from breakages and damage. Have you ever tried the tea tree oil on your hair? These eight benefits should make you change your mind on employing tea tree oil for shiny hair if at all you haven’t tried it yet.

Boosts hair growth

You may notice that your hair is stuck on the resting stage, or worse the shedding stage. There are different reasons why you might be experiencing stunted hair growth, but tea tree oils are the solution you need.

Rubbing this oil on your hair opens up the hair follicles and the roots. In case product buildup or other reasons might have clogged your hair follicles, a few drops of the tea tree oil will rejuvenate your scalp, sometimes leaving you with a tingling effect on your scalp.

Fights against dandruff

Dandruff is the most common type of condition that affects the scalp and can result in hair loss in patches of your head. Several reasons like harsh hair products and dry scalp can cause you to have dandruff. The tea tree oil contains antifungal elements that help fight against the fungus that causes dandruff.

Tea tree oil treats your skin by working through your scalp to get rid of dry skin flakes without increasing dryness. It more or less works like a hair conditioner eliminating dryness. Use a substantial amount of this oil to work through your hair when shampooing, letting it sit for a couple of minutes to start healing the scalp.

Cleansing your scalp and hair

Tea tree oil can easily transition into your home-made shampoo. With a small amount of your shampoo, pour in a few drops of the tea tree oil and carefully mix it to form a paste.

This paste works together to reinforce the therapeutic results of a cleansed scalp. The good thing is that the mixture strips you off of any dirt, sweat and product build-up, without necessarily leaving your scalp dry.

A remedy for itchy scalp

An itchy scalp can be very uncomfortable especially during the hot weather season. Which you might escape dandruff, you may suffer from an itchy scalp. The tea tree oil treats and itchy scalp by fighting bacteria and fungi buildup on your scalp that are the leading causes of itchy skin.

If a dry scalp causes your itching, the tea tree oil will give you are relieving feeling by moisturizing your scalp and healing damaged skin sections. For better results, mix your tea tree oil with one other useful oils like coconut or olive oil.

Act as a moisturizer

Dry hair is prone to breakage and can lead to uneven hair tips and deteriorating hairlines, which are unsightly. Like would a conditioner and a moisturizer, the tea tree oil protects your hair from losing moisture to the atmosphere by locking in moisture within your hair strands. It complements your natural oils which leaves your mane looking lustrous and healthy.

Massaging your hair and scalp with this oil will protect your scalp from drying by clearing the blockages and opening the pores of your scalp to allow your scalp better produce natural oils.

Prevents hair loss

Hair loss happens to be the most dreaded situation for hair grooming. While many factors can result in hair loss, using tea tree treatment can save you the trouble of hair loss, especially in cases where dryness and weak hair strands are the reason behind the hair loss.

Still, tee tree oil has been known to cause hair loss but only if you are allergic to it.

Acts as a hair mask

Everyone in the journey towards healthy natural hair gets through the hair masking process which has countless of benefits. You can add few drops of tea tree oil in your DIY home hair mask, or otherwise add the oil in your deep conditioning treatment. Either way, this oil will serve as a great hair mask and give your hair an enviable shine.

Strong mane

For most of the reasons mentioned in this article, tea tree oil will allow you to grow healthy hair, unshaken by conditions like heat and weather that could cause dryness. However, you want to be careful not to use too much of it for your application as it might achieve the opposite results, leaving your hair weak and greasy.

 Although it is evident that tea tree oil is beneficial for the health of your hair, always get fresh tea tree oil for use on your hair to be safe from any possible allergies. In fact, before you can resolve to use it, it is wise that you rub a small amount on the back of your hand to test whether your skin is allergic to this oil.800

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