How to stop itchy nose
How To Stop Itchy Nose

7 Effective Ways How To Stop Itchy Nose

The nose is the first barrier to stop irritants from being inhaled into the respiratory tract.

Irritants from the environment (dust, dirt, pollen) and allergy as hay fever can cause itching in the nose. In addition, the moist membrane in the nose that dries up when sick or in hot weather can also cause itching.

How how to stop itchy nose? What are the remedies for itchy nose? Find out more below:

How To Stop Itchy Nose

1. Use Saline Nasal Spray

Itchy nose is usually caused by dry mucus. Using a special spray can help relieve dryness that occurs in the nose.

Saline nasal spray serves to keep the nasal mucosa moist, as well as wash the nose from dust, pollution and dirt that may cause the nose to be uncomfortable and itchy.

You can make a saltwater nasal spray as an alternative saline nasal spray sold in pharmacies. Here are the steps:

  • Boil 1 liter of water and let it cool
  • Put tsp salt and tsp baking soda into the water
  • Pour a small amount of liquid into cupped palms
  • Inhale the water mixture into one nostril and repeat on the next

Another option is to pour the solution into a clean spray bottle. This method makes it easier for you to squirt the saline solution into your nose.

2. Use a Neti Pot

Almost like salt water spray, neti pot It is also used to provide moisture to the nose to prevent dryness and itching. Here’s how to use neti pot:

  • Contents neti pot with sterile water from the drugstore or boiled water that is not hot anymore
  • Tilt your head to one side (one nostril below) toward the sink or bathtub
  • Insert the end of the funnel neti pot into the upper nostril, pour the liquid into it.
  • Water will come out of the nostril on the lower side.

Neti pot can be used once a day until the complaint is resolved. If the itching in the nose is caused by something in the nose, sinus infection, or dry nose, neti pot may relieve the symptoms.

3. Drink More Fluids

One way to deal with an itchy nose naturally that you need to do is to drink lots of water.

Drinking lots of water will keep the body well hydrated, so that the mucosa in the body is also kept moist, one of which is the nose.

Keeping the body hydrated can help stop the complaint of dry nose when experiencing have a cold or sinus infection.

The amount of fluid a person should drink varies depending on age and gender. Adults are generally recommended to drink about eight glasses of water per day.

Also, inhaling the steam from a mixture of hot water and lemon wedges can help clear your sinuses.

4. Avoid Allergy Triggers

If you have allergies, it’s important to know the triggers. The best way How To Stop Itchy Nose in allergic conditions is to avoid allergens (allergy triggers) first.

Some common causes of allergies include dust, pollen, and animal dander. In addition, working in an office with air conditioning for a long time can also cause a dry nose.

One solution to overcome this condition is to use a mask. This step is useful to prevent the nose from inhaling air that contains allergy triggers that cause an itchy nose.

5. Avoid Further Nose Irritation

Your hands may reflexively try to relieve itching or tickling in your nose by scratching or scraping them. However, this action will cause further irritation.

Nails can leave small sores on the nasal tissues. Potentially harmful bacteria can also find their way into the nostrils and cause infection.

The study entitled “Hands are vehicles for transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae in novel controlled human infection study (2018) found that picking your nose has the potential to spread the bacteria responsible for a large number of cases pneumonia.

Instead of picking your nose, you should wash or rinse your nose to relieve itching. Generally, this method of dealing with an itchy nose is quite effective.

6. Use a Humidifier

When the nose is dry due to weather or temperature, humidifier can be used to increase the humidity of the air in the room so that it helps relieve itching in the nose.

If there is no humidifier, you can pour water into a bowl and then place it in a warm location around the house. This will allow the water to evaporate.

7. Take Medicine to Relieve Itching

If the previous methods were not able to relieve the itching in the nose, maybe you can take certain medications.

Antihistamines can be an option if the itching in the nose is caused by allergies. Most antihistamines can be purchased at pharmacies. Its use is recommended based on a doctor’s prescription.

Those are some ways How To Stop Itchy Nose. If the complaint feels very disturbing and does not improve, you should immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.


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