Water stuck in ear
Water Stuck in Ear

How to Get Water Stuck in Ear Out

To keep the health and fitness conditions of the body, many people choose to swim regularly. Just beware, because when you swim, you often get complaints of water enters the ear.

The water enters the ear when you swim or bathe is really annoying. This often happens and is often regarded as a trivial matter. Water Stuck in Ear is supposed to dry out itself in some time. However, as long as the water is still stuck in the ears, it is definitely uncomfortable. Usually the sound you hear is like muted and even in some people, the ear of water enters the ear will cause pain. In addition, water enters the ear is susceptible to infection.

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Water Stuck in Ear for a long period of time and occurs repeatedly, increasing the risk of inflammation and infection of the ear canal. For example, in people who swim often.

The inflammation in question can be redness and swelling of the external ear canal. This section is a channel that lies between the outer ear and eardrum. In the medical world, inflammatory disorders of this section are commonly referred to as otitis Externa.

You can prevent the water enters the ear by rubbing the outside of your ear with a dry towel after swimming or bathing. If the Water Stuck in Ear and doesn’t dry or out of the ear for two to three days, you should meet your doctor. You may be prescribed antibiotics to treat infections and relieve pain.

Luckily, it’s easy to tackle this. Here’s how to safely remove the water stuck in ear.

How to get water stuck in ear out

Shake the ears.

Point your ears sideways and gently shake your ears. By shaking the ears, we manipulate the ear canal and it helps the water out by itself.

Cupping method.

We can use our hands to make a vacuum to help the water out of the ears. Tilt the head sideways and move your palms closer to the ears. Then, align and shape the hand like a cup to make a suction that should help the water out.

Shaking the Earlobes.

In addition to the palms, the way of removing water in the ears can also be by shaking the ear lobe.

  • Tilt the head to the side of the water entry
  • Gently shake the ear lobe
  • Do it on until there is no more water in the ear

Entering water.

Entering water into the ear that the water stuck, then spilling back. This is sometimes successful and sometimes not, even getting worse.

Mixed alco**hol and vinegar solution.

A mixture of alco**hol and white vinegar solution also helps dry out the Water Stuck in Ear canal. Insert 3-5 drops of this mixture into the ear with the head tilted and leave it for a while. You will hear a vacuum in the ear meaning the ears begin to dry.

Dry it with a hairdryer.

Tilting the head and drying it with a dry towel can also help the water out. It can help to dry out the ear, which is a low-heat-adjusted hair dryer. Test the hair dryer on the skin first to ensure the heat is not excessive.

Stretch your mouth and jaw.

How to get water stuck in ear out

When the Water Stuck in Ear, a narrow channel that is connected between the ear cavity and the rear of the hole has a potential swelling, causing the tubes to be blocked and the water becomes difficult to get out. The solution to overcome this condition is to stretch your mouth and jaw, by yawning or chewing.

Stretch the mouth and the jaw will open blockages on the channel. After that, you can do the way on points 2-4 to remove the water.

Other ways.

  • Warm compress.
  • Use ear drops for swimmers.
  • Using Olive Oil

See a doctor.

The best way to deal with the Water Stuck in Ear is by visiting an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT). This was done after applying the way of removing the water from the ears at points 1 – 11 did not yield results. It could be, there is a serious thing that is in your ears so the water is difficult to get out.

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