Types Of Allergies In Human
Types of allergies in human

11 Types of allergies in human

An allergy is a reaction of the immune system against foreign substances and proteins. Generally, allergy is not dangerous, but can not be considered trivial. There are some symptoms that can be known when the body is experiencing allergies, such as sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath, coughing, irritation of the skin, and itchy eyes. Some allergies usually follows the seasons, but there is also an allergy can occur throughout the year. The following 11 Types of allergies in human:

11 Types of allergies in human

  • Allergy seasons change.

The change of season or erratic weather can cause changes in the body that is characterized by symptoms, such as flu or a respiratory disease.

  • Pollen allergies.

Grass, oak tree, or other plants usually produce pollen that can spread through the air. As a result, some people can experience allergies caused by pollen which is spread through the air.

  • Food allergies.

Some people have allergies to certain foods, such as milk, eggs, eggplant, potatoes, beans, fish, seafood, wheat, and soy beans.

  • Antibiotic allergy.

A number of drugs contain chemical antibiotic like penicillin and amoxicillin result in allergies in some people. Allergy symptoms caused by antibiotic are itching, fever, and skin irritation.

  • Allergic to poison ivy.

These plants cause allergic to some people. If a human touches the plants, then certainly will experience skin rashes and inflammations.

  • Dust allergies.

Due to air pollution, some people suffer from allergies. Even when at home, dust from furniture and mattress can cause allergies, indicated by symptoms of skin irritation and respiratory diseases.

  • Skin allergies.

These skin allergies that can form eczema, contact dermatitis from atopic dermatitis, and is some allergies that occur in winter. When suffering from this kind of allergy then you’ll feel itching and redness in the skin.

  • Cat allergy.

People who suffer from this allergies are the person who is allergic to proteins found in urine, saliva, and feather cat. Symptoms of cat allergies, coughing, itchy eyes, hives and rashes in the skin. If you are suffer from cat allergy, you must read How To Cure Cat Allergies.

  • Sulfite allergy.

If you are sensitive to the chemical sulfite, then avoid. These chemicals can be found in some foods, both food or raw food. Food products containing sulfurous among other fruit canned, pickled, dried fruit, and baked foods.

  • Allergic shiners.

This is a type of allergic reaction that occurs when the winter season that can increase blood flow near the sinuses. The symptoms are dark circles under the eyes.

  • Insect bite allergies.

There are several types of insect poison that can last up to 2 hours of pain, but there are also severe consequences that leave a bump in the skin.

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