How To Get Rid Of Pimple Under Skin
How To Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin

5 Tips – How To Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin

How To Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin РAcne is a hair follicle clogged with oils, dead skin cells and bacteria. Sometimes, these clogged follicles form a distinctive white or black  blackhead, or form a red and hard lump under your skin. 

Acne usually appears on areas of the body that have active or highly active oil glands so the oil gland line is clogged by blackheads, infected and acne appears. Often, acne-injured parts of the body include the face, neck, back, or chest.

Have you ever experienced Pimple Under Skin that is only characterized by changes in skin color to redness and lumps without eyes? These lumps are basically a collection of pus that can’t be removed like acne on the surface of the skin and hurts when pressed.

Commonly called a blind pimple, Pimple Under Skin is the result of excess oil production on sebaceous glands that eventually trigger bacteria to accumulate in pores. 

This uncomfortable condition can be caused by a lack of facial hygiene treatments, a lot of oil on the skin or skin damage. Skin damage can be caused by hypothermia, allergies or excessive heat exposure.

When menstruating, oil levels in the skin are numerous again, but removing makeup less clean or lazy exfoliation can also trigger the onset of pimples under the skin.

Other factors are hereditary or genetic, hormonal system dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction and stress. 

Pimple Under Skin Symptoms

Acne causes infections due to bacteria and local inflammation of the skin that give symptoms such as:

  • Raised skin surface with pus in it
  • Pain
  • Redness in inflamed areas.

Acne generally occurs in adolescence to adulthood (14-27 years) due to hormonal changes that occur in puberty as well as high activity so that the skin is exposed to materials such as dust and dirt that cause blockages in the skin pores and cause acne. Acne is also common in women ahead of menstruation or during pregnancy due to hormonal changes that occur.

With the right treatment, you can prevent acne from getting worse.

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How To Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin

5 Tips - How To Get Rid Of Pimple Under Skin 1

Reduce excessive use of makeup

For women, be aware of the types of cosmetics you use, especially powders and foundation makeup that can clog the pores of the skin of the face. Reduce excessive use of makeup.

Wash the area of the skin affected by acne.

This step will eliminate excess oil and dead skin that can further irritate acne and increase the development of bacteria. The acne may be painful, so use a fine washcloth to gently wipe it using warm water.

Do not touch or suppress acne under the skin.

This kind of acne is not directly exposed to air, so it is slightly protected. If you touch or squeeze it, the skin above the acne will break open..

Acne Treatment

The next tips How To Get Rid of Pimple Under Skin is using acne treatment.

Because this blind pimple is inflamed to below the surface of the skin, the more suitable acne treatment is salicylic acid or BHA.

Salicylic acid can seep further into pores and kill the bacteria that accumulate.

During the breakout, try to avoid sugary or dairy foods so that your skin care can definitely be maximized even more with the help of maintaining a diet.

Calm inflammation

If acne causes excessive pain, apply ice therapy to the face. First, clean the face with a salicylic acid cleanser as mentioned above.

After that, compress the face using ice 2-3 times in an hour. This will help cool the area, reduce pain and also reduce swelling.


Take cotton wool and soak it in cold water, hydrating toner, or anything soothing that can reduce its inflammation. After compressing, it can also use moisturizing sheet mask also enough to help relieve inflammation.

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