How to get rid of flat moles on face
How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face

5 Tips How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face Naturally

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Moles appearing on women’s faces are often regarded as a unique feature of their beauty. In some cultures, the location of moles in the body is considered to have various meanings related to the nature and fate of one.

So, for many people, moles are also often thought to interfere with the appearance. They also did not hesitate to find out How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face.

But before discussing How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face, it’s a good idea to work ourselves by recognizing the types of mole that can appear in our body.

Some types of moles present in your body

Based on the time of appearance and shape, moles can be classified into several types below:

Congenital moles

Congenital moles or inborn mole is often referred to as birthmark. Approximately two percent of babies are born with congenital moles.

The size, shape, and color of congenital moles are very varied. 

If the shape or size is disturbing, congenital moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons. This procedure is usually done after a child between 10-12 years old. How to get rid of congenital moles can be by small surgery, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, or laser beam ablation.

Ordinary moles

These are moles that appear on the skin after the birth of the baby. Its appearance can be from an infant up to 25 years of age.

The location of mole appearance can occur on any skin surface throughout the body. The characteristic moles that many people possess include:

  • Spherical or oval shaped.
  • The edges of moles are flat.
  • It can align with the skin or slightly stand out from the skin surface.
  • The surface texture of moles can be subtle or somewhat coarse.
  • Moles consist of one color, brownish, black, red, pink, or bluish.
  • The size of the mole is about 0.5 cm or smaller.
  • The shape and size of moles never change.

The growth of 10 to 40 moles on one’s skin can still be considered normal. But if there are more than 50 moles, you will be considered to have risk factors of skin cancer, but rarely for ordinary mole turned into cancer.

Atypical moles

These moles can also appear in any skin area. But atypical moles are more commonly appearing in the torso area and very rarely arise in the face.

These types of moles have the potential to become skin cancer. But the occurrence is rare. It is thought to be only one in between 10,000 atypical moles which then become skin cancers.

Atypical moles also have ugly shapes. Here its:

  • The shapes are irregular.
  • Uneven mole edges.
  • Its color is mixed, between red and pink brown.
  • The texture is coarse.
  • The size is greater than 0.5 cm.
  • More appears on the skin that is bright and often exposed to sunlight.

As it is just a collection of melanocytes, moles can change and disappear on their own over time. But the process may run slowly.

It is not clear what causes moles to disappear on their own. Experts suspect that this process may be related to hormonal changes or natural changes to the skin.

How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face Naturally

There are several ways to remove moles using natural ingredients around you. The advantage of using these natural ingredients will not give you any side effects or allergies to your body. However, in the removal process takes a long time.

Here are some ingredients or processed that can eliminate moles naturally.


How to get rid of flat moles on face with honey

Honey is believed to be the best natural ingredient for the skin and it is able to cope with various skin problems. Honey can also be believed to remove moles.

Here’s How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face with honey, along with the steps:

  • Prepare pure honey.
  • Apply on moles.
  • After that, cover with plaster.

Repeat this step every morning and night for 6 weeks until your mole fades by itself.

Using garlic

Although it is used as a spice seasoning, this garlic can be used as a remedy to remove moles naturally also does not cause side effects. The content contained in this natural ingredient is sulforaphane, which can help remove moles. Here’s how to use it.

  • Choose good and fresh garlic
  • Peel the garlic, then washed it with clean water and slice into several parts
  • Then paste the sliced garlic into the mole. Then, cover with cotton and use a plaster so that garlic can stick to the mole.
  • Wait for this process for 1 hour and finally rinse with warm water
  • You can do it routinely for 1 time a day and within a few weeks the mole disappears.

Sugar and lemon

Sugar and lemon, blended into one can be a scrub used to disguise moles. Coarse grain in the sugar can remove black spots and lemons contain a lot of vitamin C that can brighten the skin, combine both can be a cure that is potent enough to remove moles and do for about five minutes so the maximum result.

Using apple cider vinegar

Pure apple cider vinegar is one ingredient that can help remove moles naturally and take a while. Apple cider vinegar is very famous because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that can prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. Here are instructions for using apple cider vinegar to remove moles:

  • Test your skin with cider vinegar to find out that your skin is insensitive and allergic. The trick is to shed the apple cider vinegar into your skin section and wait for a few minutes.
  • Moisten the cotton with an apple cider vinegar and then stick it in the mole for two or three hours.
  • Do this way for once a day and in less than 10 days the mole will be detached.

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Mixture of castor oil and Baking Soda

If you have baking soda and castor oil, you can also use this two-ingredient mixture to remove moles. Castor oil contains special compound ingredients that can provide a stopping effect of mole growth. And baking soda will help clean the wound in a natural way. Here’s How To Get Rid of Flat Moles on Face with castor oil and baking soda:

  • Make a castor oil and baking soda paste by mixing up one small spoon of baking soda with four drops of castor oil.
  • Mix all the parts until paste.
  • Apply the paste to the mole at night and cover with a bandage or clean cotton.
  • Clean with warm water in the morning.
  • If you do this routine every day, then less than a month of moles will loose itself.

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