Pimples on head
Pimples on head

Pimples on Head: How to get rid of it and prevention

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Pimples on head or if you just find out acne in your scalp, this is most common occurred in your hairline. This condition can cause itchy and small pimples. Occasionally, these pimples can become aching and crusting as well.

The pimple in your scalp or head might be:

  • Mild, including of whiteheads and blackheads
  • Moderate, including of pustules and papules that occurred in the surface of your skin
  • Severe, including of cysts and nodules which been inculcated under your skin

You should know that severe acne can develop the blackened or darkened crusts, then leave the permanen scars as well. So, you have to contact your doctor if you experiencing the persistence acne which is causing your bald patch hair loss or severe pain. You are also able to treat pimples on head with over-the-counter medicine. However, you can visit your doctor if the pimple still remind or suspecting for something else.

Treatments for pimples on the scalp

The main key to treat pimples in your scalp is avoiding the clogged pores. This is an oil blockage and build up which can lead acne. Maintaining your scalp stay clean is essential. However you might need to ensure that your conditioner or shampoo does not cause pimples in your scalp. If you are suspecting that your conditioner or shampoo can cause this problem, and you want to consider using new products. Then you can choose products for mild and moderate acne with these ingredients, such as: tea tree oil, jojoba oil, salicylic acid, etc.

You can choose oil-based products in order to avoid the clogged pores. If you want to use some hair products, such as pomades and hair spray, then you should invest on sulfate-free in your shampoo.

How to prevent pimples on scalp?

You can try lifestyle change that can help you to prevent the pimples. As mentioned before you can look out products which do not cause too much build up in your scalp and dry it as well. In this point you have to avoid the comodegenic ingredients that most common found in shampoo and conditioner products. In order to reduce the scalp irritation, then you should avoid:

  • Deep cleanser
  • Wrong type of your shampoo and your hair
  • Routinely coloring or treating your hair with much chemical
  • Using very hot water for cleansing

This information and tips to prevent can be used to avoid pimples on head.

Last Updated on July 15, 2018 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team

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