Pimple on Nipple and how to do the right treatment

Pimple on nipple is common problem for us. However, sometimes we have to pay more attention. We have to make sure that it is not breast cancer.

Causes of pimple on nipple

Pimple can arise in all part of our body. But, how about the pimple on the nipple? Sometimes we are ashamed to tell to other people, including the doctor. So, we have to know the cause of the pimple on the nipple. The causes are:

1. Acne

It is not often happen, but acne also can be one of the causes. The acne can appear because of we do not take a bath clearly or the friction of the cloth we wear.

2. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs in the nipple area can make an infection. We have to check it clearly if you get pain.

3. The swollen of our Montgomery glands

Mongomery glands are in the areola. It is the dark part near the nipple. The mongomery glands will make the skin moist using the oil produce from the gland. If it could not work well, it can cause an infection.

4. Breast cancer

Sometimes the pimple on the nipple also can be caused by breast cancer. Actually it is rarely happen, but it has possibility of this case.

5. Fungal infection

It can be caused by fungi. The sweat sometimes can make the breast moist and it is the best place for fungi. If we do not clean up, the fungal can grow and make an infection.

Treatment for pimple on nipple

There are some treatments we can do it. We can check the cause of the pimple on the nipple and then we choose the right treatment. The common treatments are:

  • You can wash using mild cleansing regularly. Do it carefully and make sure you have cleaned the germs.
  • When it is caused by the swollen of Montgomery glands, you can soak with warm water. You can rub it slowly and remove the dry milk or the dead skin from this area.
  • For the fungal infection, you can use fungal cream as your medication.
  • To remove the acne, you also can use acne cream. A cram with chamomile extract will help to reduce the acne.
  • If it is caused by the cancer, the doctor will do the surgery.

You have to consult the doctor if you want to remove pimple on the nipple in the right way.

Last Updated on July 6, 2018 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team

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