How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose
How To Get Rid of A Runny Nose

How To Get Rid of A Runny Nose

A runny nose is very disturbing. You are hard to breathe with relief because the snot is always out of your nose. You must repeatedly clean it with a tissue or back and forth to the bathroom to clean it. Do not worry, here are some of the ways How To Get Rid of A Runny Nose.

Actually, why can runny nose when you are sick?

Snot derived mucus produced by the mucous membranes that are supposed to trap bacteria and allergens (causes of allergies, e.g. Dust) are even infected. When infected, mucus becomes more productive, more viscous, discolored, and assembled in your nose. Some of the diseases that cause runny nose are colds, flu, allergies, or sinusitis.

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How to clean the snot

Rather than you suck back your snot that carries additional bacteria from the air you breathe, it is better to remove it out. However, make sure you do it the right way. Press one finger on the side of the nostril, and gently remove the nose, do the opposite to give it the other nostril.

How To Get Rid of A Runny Nose

There are some easy tips that you can do at home How To Get Rid of A Runny Nose which is like the following.

Drinking Water.

The first thing you should do when experiencing a cold is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. The fluid that you drink helps to dilute the mucus in order to reduce the pressure on the sinus, so that irritation and inflammation are reduced.

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It also makes the mucus more easily removed from the nose. The most important thing when removing the snot should be a gentle way to avoid worsening the part of the nose that has been inflamed.

Drinking hot tea.

The next way how to get rid of a runny nose is drinking hot tea.

Pamper yourself with a cup of hot herbal tea or lime juice. A small-scale study published in the journal Rhinology found that participants who drank hot drinks when they were exposed to colds or flu were immediately helped from the symptoms of colds, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chills and fatigue.

This is because heat and steam help open and loosen your airways. In addition, you can also choose herbal teas that have anti-inflammatory properties such as peppermint, chamomile, or ginger tea.

Inhale steam.

Inhaling hot steam has been shown to help overcome the runny nose. A study conducted in 2015 concluded that steam inhalation is quite effective for ordinary flu patients. This reduces disease recovery time by about one week faster than not inhaling steam at all.

In addition to inhaling hot drinks, you can inhale the steam from the warm water that you put in the container. You can add some decongestant essential oil droplets to make the steam work better to cope with your runny nose.

Using a humidifier in the room also helps relieve your nose. The machine converts water to moisturize which slowly fills the air. When inhaled, this will dilute the mucus and help empty the fluid in your nose so that the breathing is back to normal.

Bathing with hot water is the same effect by inhaling hot steam. It can even

Eat spicy food.

Spicy food can make the runny nose worse. Although at first it can make your runny nose worse, still effectively diluting the mucus to clear your nasal tract quickly.

If you can tolerate a bit of heat in your diet, try it. If not accustomed to spicy, try a little spicy seasoning to see if this helps. This seasoning, in addition to creating a sense of heat when eaten, also widened the pores in the body and relieve sinus problems.

Insert the nose with a tissue.

When your nose is runny, your first instinct may continue to try to get rid of all of the mucus. However, this can worsen the condition further because it can cause swelling and inflammation of your nasal tract.

Instead of panting and trying hard to blow every remaining snot, it doesn’t hurt to grab a piece of tissue and then put it in your nostrils one by one. It helps collect and absorb excess mucus and is a softer way to treat your runny nose.

Bathing with hot water.

How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose - Bathing Hot Water

Bathing with hot water is the same effect by inhaling hot steam. It can even help your breathing be back to normal even temporarily. By setting the hot temperature of the water appropriately, place the towel over your head as the water flows. Then, breathe deeply. However, do not take a bath for too long because it can make the shivering body as well as dry skin.

Other ways.

  • Make salt spray.
  • Sleep with a higher pillow.
  • Avoid the cause of nasal irritation.
  • Rest enough.

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