How To Cure Calluses
How To Cure Calluses (Illustration/by Emilio/wikipedia)

How To Cure Calluses

Calluses are skin disease that generally occur on the feet. This disease is not deadly, but certainly will be bad if not immediately treated. You will feel comfortable while walking, and also affect the appearance. Then how do We cure it? We will recommend some how to cure Calluses:

How To Cure Calluses

Soak the foot in warm water.
Soak the foot in warm water is the easiest and simple way to cure calluses. You only need to soak feet in warm water for approximately 20 minutes, and then put fresh pineapple’s skin that is already sliced to the feet area on calluses. Glue with plaster, then wrap it with the socks and leave it overnight. The next morning, open socks and take the pineapple’s skin slowly and carefully. Do it this way with a nightly routine within a certain period.

Using The Sap Of Cambodia.
The Sap of Cambodia very powerful to cure calluses, and proven by many people. It’s easy, by dripping sap of cambodia on foot calluses area thoroughly, then wash feet with clean water. This way is not instant method, so you must do this routinely and repeatedly so that the calluses can be treated.

Use The Lemon Juice.
Lemon juice has a variety of benefits, one of them to cure Calluses. It’s easy with dropping a squeeze of lemon on the foot calluses area. Before that, make sure your feet are already clean, and wash it cleans anyway after spread the juice of a lemon. Do routinely and periodically until the method gives results.

Using Raw Papaya.
Papaya can also be used to treat calluses. The trick is to soften one raw papaya fruit, and then apply it on areas of the foot calluses. This will give maximum results if you do it on a regular basis at least three times a day.

Using Garlic.
Garlic is not only used as food seasoning or sauce base material, but also can be used to cure calluses. The recommended process is done at night before bed. Puree some garlic, then apply on foot calluses, leave all night until the morning.

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How To Cure Calluses

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