How to cure gastritis naturally
How To Cure Gastritis Naturally (Illustration/pixabay)

5 Ways How To Cure Gastritis Naturally

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining that’s painful is caused by many things. The most common cause is a bacterial infection of h. pylori, but there are other causes, such as pain relief medication, and stress. The symptoms of gastritis include lost appetite and weight loss, nausea and vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen, bloating and saltpeter, and/or feel full although only eat a little.

How To Cure Gastritis Naturally

Here are some ways to Cure Gastritis Naturally:

Drink water that is already filtered.

Try to drink 8 glasses of water contains 250 ml per day. This will reduce the acidity in the stomach. In addition, sufficient body fluids is very important because dehydration can cause an increase in the amount of stomach acid so that the aggravating gastritis.

Use herbal remedies.

Herbs have been used for centuries to fight the symptoms of gastritis. You can use it in the form of capsules, steeping (1 tsp of herb per cup of hot water), or as an extract. If you want to brew, leaves and flowers should be brewed for 10 minutes and roots brewed for 10-20 minutes, and drank two to four cups a day.


Turmeric has a function to cure gastritis.

How to make it is:

  • Prepare 2 stem turmeric, Grates until smooth, then mix with 1 glass of boiled water.
  • Regular consumption.

Guava leaves.

Guava leaves have a function to cure various diseases. One of them could be used to cure gastritis.

How to make it is:

  • Take the 10 pieces of guava leaves, Boil with 1/2 liters of water.
  • The consumption by 3 times a day.

Papaya leaves.

Papaya leaves can use for neutralizing the acid in your stomach. So the symptoms of gastritis reduced immediately.

How to make it is:

  • Take 5 grams of papaya leaves, 5 grams of kaempferia galanga, 10 grams white Chrysanthemum leaves, Boiled water.
  • Mash until smooth above various ingredients, then combine with boiled water.
  • Regular consumption.

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