How to cure a tooth infection
How To Cure A Tooth Infection

How To Cure A Tooth Infection

Everyone definitely ever had a toothache and it was truly painful. A toothache can be caused by many different things, such as rarely brushing your teeth, often eating too hot and too cold food, biting hard objects, and many more. A tooth infection can be experienced by anyone. Sometimes the wrong mounting braces can also cause infection of the teeth. A tooth infection can be cured with treatment regularly. Here are some ways to cure a tooth infection:

How To Cure A Tooth Infection

Lemon and Strawberry.
One of the vitamins that can treat tooth infection is vitamin c. Vitamin c in lemon and strawberry fruit. So to treat infections of the teeth can use a mixture of lemon and strawberry. Take 4 to 5 pieces of strawberry, blend until smooth with no added with water. Add two to 3 tablespoons of the juice of the lemon juice. Combine into one and then apply it on the part of the tooth that are exposed to the infection. Do it every day until your infection is cured.

Clove oil.
How To Cure A Tooth Infection is by using clove oil. Clove oil, clove or clove leaves are very effective cure various problems of the teeth. Using clove oil will help overcome and reduce the pain due to infection. Here’s how to use it are also very easy. First, take one spoon of clove oil and then mix with olive oil into one. Apply the mixture on the tooth infection by using a finger or cotton bud.

Yogurt can be used to cure a tooth infection. Yogurt contains vitamin C which can kill germs on the teeth and help cure a tooth infection. You simply use white yogurt has not been mixed with any taste. Better to use a thick yogurt. You simply consume yogurt every day. When eat it while a little smeared on the teeth that are exposed to the infection.

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