Tapeworms Symptoms
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12 Tapeworms Symptoms in The Body You Need to Know

Tapeworms can get into anyone’s body and cause infection. Tapeworm infections are more at risk in conditions where environmental sanitation is poor, and consuming food that is not properly processed. Get to know the tapeworms symptoms.

Tapeworms are also known as Cestodes. One species of tapeworm that can infect humans is Taenia saginata. Its body is flat textured, resembles a ribbon and has segments on its body. Older tapeworms can reach 25 meters in length and live within a span of 30 years.

Eating food or water containing larvae or tapeworm eggs is the cause of tapeworm infection. Tapeworms can also enter the human body through the consumption of beef, pork, and fish that don’t cook until cooked.

Tapeworm eggs that enter the digestive system can hatch, causing intestinal infections. Meanwhile, tapeworm eggs that make it out of the digestive tract can enter the tissues of the body or other organs, causing infection and forming a worm-filled sac at the site.

Tapeworms Symptoms

What are the signs that a person’s body there is tapeworms?

#1. Tapeworms Symptoms: Abdominal Pain

Usually we will often feel abdominal pain.

It is the most common condition indicated from tapeworm infection.

To be sure, we can usually do tests on blood or feces.

#2. Tapeworms Symptoms:: Feel Tired Quickly

Feel tired quickly is one of Tapeworms Symptoms in The Body. Tapeworms can make you feel tired faster.

Because, our body has lost a lot of nutrients taken by the tapeworm.

#3. Tapeworms Symptoms:: Damage to The Organ

There are species of tapeworms that can live and walk from the digestive tract to other organs.

Well, this can cause damage to other organs of the body, such as to the eyes and brain.

#4. Diarrhea

If you suffer from severe diarrhea along with abdominal pain, then check with your doctor immediately for a fecal examination. If you have an infection, parts of the body of tapeworms and eggs appear in the stool.

#5. Tapeworm in the Stool

One of the strangest symptoms that can occur since tapeworm infection actually occurs is the appearance of larvae in the stool. Patients may see little or all of the worms in their stool or feel their movement through the anus.

This will certainly be disturbing and panicking. However, this can make diagnosis easier.

#6. Stool blood

Tapeworms stick to the intestinal wall and move, thereby causing a small ulceration in the intestine. This causes bloody stools in people suffering from tapeworm infections.

#7. Vitamin Deficiency

Basically, a tapeworm sufferer eats for two people. Because, tapeworms will suck up a portion of the nutrients. So tests that reveal anemia deficiency or B12 may be the first sign that you are infected.

In the case of D. Latum, it has an affinity for vitamin B12 and hence competes with infected people for absorption. So in these patients, B12 deficiency and anemia can occur.

#8. Craving dirty food and salt

Tapeworms Symptoms - Craving Dirty Food

Tapeworms can make you crave something inedible, such as dirty food. Salt or dirt arousal, also called pica, can be a sign, but, again, there are other more common conditions that can cause it.

#9. Shrinking body weight

Tapeworms can grow up to hundreds of feet in length. Tapeworms can also eliminate the body’s nutrients as they grow.

So, if you lose weight without trying, maybe it’s time to see a doctor. Weight loss and changes in bowel habits can be alarming.

#10. Loss of appetite

Not feeling very hungry? Tapeworms can cause you to feel sick and lose your appetite. It is caused by irritation that occurs in the intestines. In some cases, parasites can even cause vomiting or diarrhea in patients.

#11. White blood cell count increases

Blood tests can offer one of the most significant clues to knowing parasitic infections.

When the blood test results show your white blood cells are on the rise, it becomes evident that you have an infection.

Because, white blood cells play a role in fighting parasites that enter the body.

#12. Nausea and vomiting

Tapeworm infection is mainly due to the consumption of raw meat, which leads to nausea and vomiting. It is an early sign of indigestion and discomfort in the stomach.

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