How To Cure A Toothache Fast
How To Cure A Toothache Fast (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure A Toothache Fast

Toothache many causes but there are many ways to treat it without having to lose a lot of cost. This is the most the simplest tips to cure the toothache. Here’s how to cure a toothache fast and naturally that you can do:

How To Cure A Toothache Fast

How to treat a new dental cavity:

  • Brush your teeth first.
  • Gargle several times with warm water that has been mixed with salt.
  • Gargle and hold a moment before gargle water spewed out or discarded.

How to treat cavities:

  • Prevent it the holes in the teeth did not increase much with the way: Take the garlic cloves. Mash until smooth and then apply slowly and leave it in the hole of the teeth. Do about 8 to 10 minutes per day, the morning after waking and at night before bed.
  • Do it after brushing the teeth, after finished treating cavities, please gargle with clean water or use mouthwash in order for the oral cavity is fresh again.

How to treat large cavities and more:

  • Brushing your teeth first.
  • Take castor oil plant’s sap creamed on a cotton bud and put to the tooth holes, do some times.
  • Enter the salt in the hole
  • Enter toothpaste in the hole
  • Enter pepper powder in the hole.

How to treat bleeding gums and broken teeth:

  • Gargle with warm water several times so that the blood stopped.
  • Take antibiotics to prevent irritation of the inner part of the gums.
  • Take ice cubes and let them on the hurt gums to avoid swelling.

How to treat toothaches and pain:

  • Change your toothpaste, look for the active ingredient in Pain relievers such as Strontium Chloride materials specially formulated for sensitive teeth.
  • After finish brushing the teeth it is advisable to gargle with Mouthwash or mouth fresheners that can kill bacteria on the teeth. Do with regular.

How to treat dental plaque:

  • Take tamarind to taste and then brush on the plague. Do repeatedly.
  • Before the plaque is increasingly expanding to grow on the lining of the teeth, better diligent brushing the teeth before going to bed and avidly eat fruit and vegetables every day.

How to treat gum pain and swollen cheek:

  • Take the lime water and then dropped into the hole of the tooth and let it absorb some minutes. After that, repeat it again.
  • Take ice cubes that are already wrapped in a handkerchief and put it on the cheek so swollen subside and deflate.

How to treat gum irritation:

  • Before going to doctor, should relieve pain first due to irritation of gums with chewing black and old clove. Eugenol containing Antimicrobial substances that can neutralize pain in the tooth nerve.
  • The function of the old Clove fruit was able to neutralize and heal the pain in the nerves of the teeth.

How to treat a sore mouth:
Take some Lemongrass leaves, wash and then boil. Use of water herb to gargle.

How to treat veins throbbing tooth:
Take clove leaf oil and then drops repeatedly on the tooth holes so that vein throbbing disappears.

How to cure a toothache fast can make use of various natural materials that found around us.

Salt acts as a medicinal to cure toothache. The way is by dissolving the salt with warm water, then use it to gargle.

Garlic can cure a toothache or dental cavities because it contains antiseptic compounds. Take one garlic clove and put it in the teeth. Do for 5 minutes, then remove garlic and gargle with warm water.

Hot tea helps eliminate bacteria in the mouth and reduce the pain temporarily. Place the tea bags on your gums to help stop inflammation. Should not be mixed with sugar in hot tea.

Sunflower seeds.
Take a few sunflower seeds and then puree and mix with salt and lime juice in a glass of warm boiled water. Able to gargle or drunk.
Sunflower seeds contain fiber, Vitamin E, folate, Magnesium, etc.
Its function is to relieve and heal the inflammation and protect the nerve function of the teeth.

Black pepper.
Puree black pepper and salt to taste and mix the water. Apply and let the inside hollow teeth.
Black pepper contains vitamins A, E and K, fiber, niacin and anti inflammatory.
Its function is to heal the wounds and relieve pain.

Cordyline’s skin.
If your gums are sore, Cordyline’s skin could immediately chewed with salt, cast if the taste is already decrease.
If the tooth pain due to perforated, enter Cordyline’s skin that already mashed with salt into the hole of the teeth.
Cordyline’s skin contains Polysaccharides, saponins, flavonoids, polypherol, calcium oxalate. Its function is to treat the inflammation that occurs outside and inside the gums.

Lemon water and Ginger.
Take lemon water and then mix with salt water and ginger in a glass of warm boiled water. Gargle so that the pain in the teeth become light and healed.
Water lemon contains citric acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, fiber, etc. Functionality fix the scar tissue that is exposed to the infection.
Ginger juice contains phenols compounds. It functions as an anti inflammatory for cavities and gingivitis.

Red Onion.

  • Onions are also excellent to treat toothache, because onions contain anti-microbe. How to treat toothache using onions are also very easy, prepare the onions and then crushed, put the onion in the part of the toothache, when you’re done then gargle with water.
  • Puree onion and mix a bit of lime juice. Make into small balls and then put on a perforated tooth. The onion contains Allicin, alilpropil-disulfide, phytosterols, a flavonol and others. It functions as an anti inflammation that is capable of tackling all forms of inflammation in the skin tissue.

Eucalyptus and turmeric.
Take a turmeric, dip the edges in eucalyptus and salt water, then tuck the interrupted between toothache.
Turmeric contain diarylheptanoid, essential oil, resin, aluminum, calcium, potassium and others. It functions as an anti-infection and as an antibiotic for sores or pain in the tooth cavity.

Srikaya Leaf.
The srikaya leaves are boiled with salt and lime juice and then drink.
The srikaya leaves contain cyanogen, tetrahidro alkaloids, quinoline and others. It functions as a pain reliever in cavities.

Avocado seeds.
Puree the avocado seeds that are old, after the fine had to be dried. After that, insert on cavities.
Avocado seeds contain phosphorus, niacin, vitamin A and C, potassium, sodium, iron and others. It functions as the muscle relaxes around the gums and teeth so that pain due to cavities subside and disappear.

Chili pepper.
Boiled chili pepper into little water. Take cotton bud, dip and use for smearing perforated teeth. Chili Pepper contains Capsaicin active compounds that have the ability to relieve pain in the tooth. Chili Pepper contains vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals, manganese, folate, potassium, thiamin, copper etc. Its function to eliminate the pain of the teeth.

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How To Cure A Toothache Fast

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