How to check blood pressure without equipment
How To Check Blood pressure Without Equipment

How To Check Blood pressure Without Equipment?

How To Check Blood pressure Without Equipment? Everyone sooner or later comes when he begins to think of his health. The blood pressure in this case is one of the most important indicators that contributes to the rapid identification of almost all diseases. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to measure it, especially if there is a tendency to hypertension or hypotension.

The results of blood pressure measurement identify how strong the blood flow is pumped up throughout your body and therefore, is a very important benchmark regarding the quality of your health.

Blood pressure is not constant. It changes with each heartbeat, and therefore indicators are often different from one another. In addition, a person’s psychological state, weather conditions and even time of year affect blood pressure. This should be taken into account when measuring.

Many people notice that even when measuring blood pressure with both hands, the amount will be different. The fact is that the heart is a little to the left, and not in the middle. And since the tensiometer performance in the left hand will always be slightly higher than in the right hand. Because of this, it is better to measure it with just one hand.

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Generally, the measurement process should be done with the help of cuffs and stethoscopes.

Such medical instruments are usually not owned by the ordinary people at his home, but are needed for obtaining accurate measurement results. If you only want to check the normal or absence of systolic blood pressure (the pressure in the arteries when your heart muscle contraction occurs), try to feel your pulse to get the estimate.

However, the results of diastolic blood pressure measurement (pressure inside the arteries when the heart is resting) can only be obtained with the help of cuffs or a stethoscope.

When you are at home, restaurant, street or at a party, and you start to feel the symptoms like: headache, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea or even fainting. Then you should start to be vigilant about what is happening within you.

How To Check Blood pressure Without Equipment?

There are two types of blood pressure disorders in the body, namely hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure), if it happens then you should start to worry about it. You may want to check up blood tension, but are constrained by the no blood pressure check tool, or have to go to Pharmacy / Clinic first. Then, How To Check Blood pressure Without Equipment?

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Well… There are ways and solutions easily know your blood pressure overview of the following simple ways. This method will check your blood pressure by simply looking at your right hand reaction.

Remember! This method is not intended for diagnosis, treating, curing or preventing disease. This method just gives you an idea of how bad or good your blood pressure condition is.

  1. Stand with your hands straight down (like the military) in addition to a strong wall. You have to stand very close, almost touching the walls, but don’t touch it.
  2. Clench your right hand like a fist. Do not move. Keep your hands down.
  3. Push and press with your right hand that is still clenching the wall beside you.
    Important! Make the pressure with your right hand that clenched do not tap the wall with your body.
  4. Hold pressure to the wall for 20 seconds. (If you don’t have your watch you can count on a count of 1 to 20).
  5. Remove your arm and take the distance away from the wall.
  6. Keep your right arm from being stretched. You will feel right hand like light and start drifting. (Keep stretching on your hands).
  7. When you feel that your right arm is not lightweight and floating again, stop your arm at this position.


How to check blood pressure without equipment - 7 steps
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If the position of your arm when it finishes forming an angle of 90 degrees to your ribs, you have normal blood pressure.

If the position of your arm when it finishes is lower than the angle of 90 degrees, it means you have low blood pressure. 

If the position of your arm when finished is higher than the angle of 90 degrees, it means you have high blood pressure.

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