How many times should you workout a week
How many times should you workout a week

How many times should you workout a week

Maybe you’ve heard some people wonder, what good physical activity to be healthy and fit? What kind of exercise should be and how long the training? How many times should you workout a week? Well, to answer those questions, basically there is no one type of exercise that provides all the health benefits.

How many times should you workout a week?

There are several types of physical activity needed to achieve a healthy and fit body overall. Do not be confused, the pyramid physical activity could explain what the actual physical activity we need. Like food that has the food pyramid, physical activity too. It describes the actual activity needs required of each person, i.e. how often one type of activity should be done, how hard the intensity and how long the exercise done in one session.

The pyramid also illustrates some of the types of physical activity in every level. In General, there are three types of physical activity, namely:

  • Physical activity for endurance at level 2.
  • Physical activity for flexibility of level 3.
  • Physical activity for power at level 3.

While at level 1 or basic parts, there’s sedentary lifestyle (less moving or less active) that many lived modern people living in big cities.
The more pursed up, the type of physical activity needs less.

Level 1 Physical activity

Level 1 physical activity
Level 1 Physical Activity

This level 1 physical activity is the most basic activity and should be done every day, as often as possible. This is the everyday physical activity habits in our lives .. Examples of physical activity at level 1 are:

  • Running fast.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Gardening.
  • Play with the child.
  • Mop or sweep the floor.

This activity has a medium intensity. This means that when doing this activity we will feel a little increase in heart rate and our breath became slightly faster than ever. Duration required to conduct level 1 is the minimum of 30 minutes per day. However, it does not mean for 30 minutes brisk walking without stopping. We can pay it off. For example, walk fast chases the bus for 5 minutes, plus cleaning the house for 20 minutes, and go up the stairs for 5 minutes..

Level 2 Physical activity

How many times should you workout a week
How Many Times Should You Workout A Week

Physical activity level 2 is running exercise in longer (without stopping) for at least 20 minutes. This activity can increase heart rate faster than physical activity level 1, making our breath more hunting, and sweating. Activity at level 2 is heavier in intensity than walking fast. We will feel more breathless.

Physical activity level 2 can be done 3-6 times per week. If you are doing physical activity level 2 at least 3 times a week, you can feel its benefits.
The benefits of physical activity at level 2 is improving heart and lung fitness in order to be optimized, and helps control body fat.

There are two kinds of physical activity on physical activity pyramid level 2, i.e. doing aerobic and sports games activity. An example of this aerobic activity such as jogging, cycling, and also swimming. While the example game sports activities that can be done is play basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.

Level 3 Physical activity

Level 3 physical activity - how many times should you workout a week
Level 3 Physical Activity

Rise to the physical activity level 3, the required frequency will be less ompared to physical activity at level 2. There are two kinds of physical activity at this level:

Exercises for flexibility.

The benefits of flexibility exercises is to help relax the muscles and maintain joint function. The more we have good flexibility, then body movements become more easily and freely. Examples of physical activity for flexibility is doing the stretching, gymnastics floor, and yoga. Do as much as 2-3 times per week with a duration of about 60 minutes. You can insert this flexibility exercises before and after doing other exercises.

Exercises for strength.

The benefits of strength training:

  • Helps maintain muscle mass and strength.
  • Strengthen bones.
  • Keep your body shape.

We can do strength training 2-3 time a week to get its benefits. Examples of activities that can be done is lifting weights, push ups, sit ups, and other physical exercises that provide the imposition. Do these activities as much as the 8-12 repetitions in the 1-3 set. For example if you want to do a push up 2 sets of 8 repetitions. It means that you will push up as much as 8 times, then stop for a moment. Then passed on the second set of push ups as much as 8 times.

Although useful for muscular strength, it does not mean this exercise is only to build muscle. Both men and women need to train the muscle strength. For example, people who like to play badminton and gave a powerful smash on the opponent. Well, without exercising muscle strength it will be difficult to do extra strong movement.

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Level 3 Physical activity

Level 3 physical activity
Level 3 Physical Activity

This level of activity should be reduced. For example watching a movie or television while sitting, playing handphone while lying down and other activities that is very minimal movement. This activity also known as sedentary activity. The high sedentary activity will affect the health of the body. Many studies have shown that the sedentary activity that is too high can cause obesity. Doing this kind of activity is okay, but limit the duration and frequency.

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